Xbox 360 Video Game Console

Gaming just got bigger…better. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Video Game Console provides the ultimate gaming experience to the kids with its sleek design, imperial features and exceptional games. The video game console is quite a bargain; the technology is impeccable and the design is outstanding.
Xbox 360 Video Game Console

You can watch movies, play games and store them in the hard drive. The high-definition picture quality is just the cherry on the cake in the upgraded Xbox 360 Console. This machine keeps both kids and parents happy. A multimedia review website IGN listed Xbox 360 the sixth best video game console of all times, out of 25 in 2009.

The first Xbox 360 video game console was unveiled by MTV, now what could be cooler than the youth idolized channel launching the coolest video game console ever? It has come a long way since the very first video game console by Microsoft, Xbox, was launched in November 2001. Xbox Live allows you to compete online with other gamers using your broadband connection and using your headset, you can even voice chat with your opponents. Now, you can download games, movies, shows and save it on your hard drive. Also, you can easily buy content available on the online Marketplace. The new model of Xbox 360 S has built-in 802.11n Wifi to make connecting to Xbox Live even faster and easier. The Xbox 360 video game console comes with a headset to strategize with online team mates and shout at opponents; a detachable hard drive to store their content; wireless controller which is simply awesome because it has a range up to 30 feet, get in the game without entangling yourself in the wires; removable stylish white faceplate; HD-AV cable to connect, obviously and lastly a silver membership of Xbox Live. Now that is what we call a package deal.
Xbox 360 Video Game Console Review

Xbox 360 Video Game Console – Game On!

The video game console looks great, it has magnificent features but the kids don’t care about that all that much. The games are the most important thing in a video game console, duh! Call of Duty 2 was the most popular and best sold game in 2005 because Halo 3 was still in the making. When Halo 3 hit the market in 2007, the result was ground breaking. It became a favorite among all almost instantly and why not, the game has everything – weapons, vehicles, multi-player feature and game play. Fifa, NBA, Medal of Honor, Fallout are some of the other games. Besides the action games and sports games, family games like Harry Potter, Are You Smarter Than The Fifth Grader are also available for kids. Don’t worry, you can always use parental controls to restrict and regulate the access to the content. The surround sound and high-definition quality of the newes Xbox 360 video game console creates an impact; it is often hard to tell if it’s just a game as it looks so real. It won’t make noise while running so your kids can enjoy without any annoying sounds. But if you do want sound, this video game console can stream music from your iPods too. The point is…well, there is no point. The Xbox 360 Video Game Console is super. You hit it right, Microsoft.
Xbox 360 Video Game Console

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