PlayStation 3 Video Game Console

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were mesmerized by Mario, Super Mario and Mario Deluxe. Now we have PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3 Video Game Console. Sony changed the meaning of games by introducing a video game console so magnificent that it is hard to miss. It is on the wish list of all who don’t possess it and a dream come true for those who do. The reason is obvious – sophisticated controls, exciting games, thrilling features and fascinating game play. Entertainment has never been so much fun.
Playstation 3 Video Game Console

PlayStation 3 Hardware

The PlayStation 3 video game console is classy both in exterior and features. Let’s start with what the eyes see first – the hardware. The models have been categorized on the basis of their hard drive capacities 20GB, 40 GB, 80 GB or 160 GB. Black is the color of elegance and it is the color of original PlayStation 3. There are only small changes that separate the video game console models from each other like the color, number of ports for USB devices and air ventilation. Other than that, all the PlayStation 3 consoles have a power cord, Sixaxis controllers, DualShock 3 controller, USB cable, Ethernet Cable and Audio Video Output cable. The slim model of the PS3 video game console was appreciated and became a huge success because it’s smooth and slim; smaller and lighter. It is quieter and pretty efficient. PlayStation 3 Slim consumes less power than its predecessors and the cooling system is better. The PS3 video game console comes in a wide range of colors including charcoal black, piano black, ceramic white, silver, pink and chrome trim are available to choose from. Pick one in your child’s favorite color.
Playstation 3 Video Game Console Review

PlayStation 3 Video Game Console Software

The video game console has drives for Blu-Ray games, CDs and DVDs, USB ports and flash card reader so that you can enjoy internet TV, play games and watch movies. Other than that, there is Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi networking. You might not know this but the PlayStation 3 video game console is nothing less than a supercomputer; the technology used is so great. US military is using these gaming devices for research purposes – that ought to mean something. It supports high-performance software which is smart as well as user-friendly. Your kid would be able to access any application without much trouble. When you are connecting it for the first time, you need to sign up for PlayStation Network and follow the instructions to download and update. It won’t take more than a few minutes because they have made the interface easy to use.

PS3 Video Game Console Games

The picture quality of the PlayStation 3 video game console is amazing. Gaming in high-definition is out of the world – the scenes seem real, the characters look alive and it is awfully clear. Sony has the budget range of PlayStation 3 games known as Greatest Hit range, Platinum range and The Best range in North America, Europe and Australia and Japan respectively. Resistance: Fall of Man was awarded the game of the year in 2006. Other games are Call of Duty 3, Heavenly Sword, Grand Theft Auto 4, Formula One Championship…the list is endless. To be precise, 315.3 million games have been sold for the PS3 as of June 2010. Mutter your silent thank you for the HD era. Enjoy not just gaming but movies and television and internet. The PlayStation 3 video game console is so worth the price!
PS3 Video Game Console