Best Video Game Consoles

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If you have not heard of video game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii, there's only one excuse - you've apparently been living under a rock. All kidding aside, Video game consoles are very popular these days as they are handy, entertaining and in many cases, "just plain cool". Kids not only enjoy video games but get encouraged by them. Studies show that video games instill a never-say-never attitude in kids, which means that they encourage them to try until they finish a level and they imply this same winner attitude in their real lives.

Best Video Game Consoles

To date, there have been seven generations of video game consoles. With every generation, the system improved quite a lot and gave the best video game consoles to the people.

The first video game console came into being in 1970's with Ralph H. Baer's Magnavox Odyssey. This console could be connected to the television and following the success of Pong game by Atari, the emerging Arcade industry was noticed. The second generation of video game consoles saw programmable microprocessors rather than cartridges that were used in first generation. Before Nintendo launched its third generation of one of the best video game consoles, the arcade industry saw many video game crashes. But Nintendo revived the industry with huge success of its game Super Mario.

In the fourth generation consoles, extra storage space was added to store multimedia games and later, polygon-processing was introduced with fifth generation but it couldn't gain much appreciation until Sony and Nintendo launched their products. Sixth generation of video game consoles shifted to a more computer-like architecture and DVD games. By far, these were the best video game consoles both in terms of appearance and game-play but then seventh generation entered the scenario and changed the term "gaming".

New disc formats like Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD; technology like IR tracking, wireless controllers and use of motion input began with seventh generation. The video game consoles are advance, sensible and ensure quality. With each change, the games became more realistic and the characters came alive. The consoles got better in looks, quality and features and now the outcome is that these consoles are in the wish list of everyone around the globe.

Benefits of Video Game Consoles

Video gaming is a source of entertainment, interaction, and education for all. The best part about video game consoles is that you can get wireless controllers and play games comfortably while sitting on a couch and the distance will be merciful on your eyes. Even you can invite your friends over and play multi-player games, interact with your friends with the options available in the console.

When you are buying the best video game consoles, the primary concern is the cost. Although these consoles use utmost technology, they are affordable and make perfect gifts for kids on birthdays and Christmas. You can be sure that your kids will be able to set the game up on their own. These systems are easy to set up and extremely portable. Furthermore, console based video games can be rented from many stores, making the games accessible for the kids. The graphics, speed and quality of the games on a console is supreme and it will keep you entertained for hours. Fast moving games will help your kids to improve their hand-eye coordination; the games will teach them problem solving and crisis management as well.

Choosing the Best Video Games Consoles

The most difficult decision is choosing amongst the best video consoles available these days. Frankly, all of the consoles are pretty fabulous but they offer different features and services. While selecting a video game console, consider the mode of gaming, games available for that particular system, multimedia features, online community and functionality and technical support. You don't buy a gaming console everyday hence it makes it utterly crucial to spend your hard earned money on the one that is right for you, and your family.