Rocky the Robot Truck

Rocky the Robot Truck from Matchbox is so much more than just a toy truck. It was rated one of the best toys for Christmas last year, and is already on its way to being one of the top toys for Christmas 2010. Why? Because this real working dump truck is interactive and will quickly become your child’s new best friend.

Rocky the Robot Truck Toy

A high energy spin on the classic toy truck, Rocky the Robot speaks over 100 phrases, tells jokes, sings, and dances on his back wheels as well as operating as a fully functional dump truck. Rocky is highly responsive and interactive. Fire him up and sensors detect when items are placed in the truck bed. Rocky says “Wow that’s heavy!” and “Let’s get ready to dump!” By either pushing a button or encouraging Rocky with some noise he will lift up and dump the items. Your little one will become Daddy’s helper in no time.

Rocky the Robot Truck Loves to Have Fun

Rocky’s always ready to play! Kids can use Rocky’s cleverly disguised smokestack lever to make him stand and return to normal position. He transforms from a hard working dump truck to a party guy instantly.

Pressing the red button on top of the smokestack activates the dance mode to watch Rocky the Robot Truck rock out to several types of music. Make Rocky wake up or tell a joke by simply pushing the red button. Designed for children aged three years and up this toy truck rewards your child’s efforts: “Good job champ!” and reinforces independence: “You’re the boss!”

Push Rocky forward or backward on all six wheels and he flashes his headlights, honks his horn, and gets ready to work. Kids can operate Rocky manually or get his help with voice activation for a fun playtime experience. Made with durable plastic and sturdy wheels, the large bed in this toy truck holds plenty of small items to load and dump.

Rocky the Robot Truck is a Wheel Above Any Other Toy Truck

After a long day of hard work and play Rocky needs to rest. Perfect for those kids who refuse to go to bed without their favorite toy, Rocky the Robot Truck will not only say “goodnight buddy” but he also goes to sleep and snores!

Rocky the Robot Toy Truck

Aside from being a blast for kids, Rocky the Robot Truck encourages hand-eye coordination and engages repetitive action. Flashing LED lights and spoken phrases stimulate visual and auditory senses. Although priced slightly higher than other robot trucks, Mattel’s Rocky the Robot Truck actively engages your child while providing tons of entertainment and fun. “Let’s get to work!”

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  1. Anne Lovell
    September 28, 2010 at 10:41 am #

    We got one of these for our 5 year old son last year for Christmas and it is still one of his favorite toys. He likes Rocky so much we… I mean, SANTA, is considering ordering him the new Stinky the Garbage Truck for Christmas this year.

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