Green Toys Dump Truck

The Green Toys Dump Truck is a toy truck designed to let your little one do what he loves most – carry things. Most children go through this phase when they have a thing about hauling stuff around from one place to another. This toy truck lets them do just that, and in style.

Green Toys Dump Truck Review

Green Toys Dump Truck Features

The best feature of the Green Toys Dump Truck is its eco-friendliness. It is made entirely of material obtained by recycling milk containers that are collected from the curbside. The process used in making this toy truck is an energy efficient one with minimal emission of greenhouse gases.This is one toy you will not mind handing over to your kid for unending hours of play. The process used to manufacture the Green Toys Dump Truck ensures that no phthalates or BPA get into the product, making it ultra safe for your little one.

Taking the green concept a little further, this toy truck has been designed in a manner that avoids the use of metal axles. That also means there’s no danger of your child hurting himself on some rusted parts. The packaging is totally recyclable, so you needn’t worry about disposing it either.

Green Toys Dump Truck

Using the Green Toys Dump Truck

Your child and their playmates will use the bed of the truck for placing their precious cargo – they may choose to spend hours together just arranging and rearranging all the items. They can move the toy truck to any place. One of the most appealing features of the Green Toys Dump Truck that delights kids the most is the dumper that actually works. The Green Toys Dump Truck can be used at home or outside – it can be used to carry loads of alphabet blocks, stones, sand, dolls, other toys, teddy bears and all bits and pieces that your little engineer in making wants to lug around.

As parents, you’ll also be making use of this toy truck as a teaching aid. How? If your child is old enough to understand, explain the concept of eco friendliness. Make up a simple story about how the Green Toys Dump Truck went through from being a milk jug sitting on the curb to end up at your house – he’ll just love it. Every time he asks you to repeat the story, add small details to help him grasp it better. This will help to instill the values of environment consciousness in the child right from the beginning.

Little ones just love to see colorful things move and do things. So you’ll be able to use the Green Toys Dump Truck to stimulate the imagination of younger kids, although its ideal for use by children aged above one year. Most kids’ play consists of tossing and banging the toy on the floor before they figure out its exact working. Taking this into consideration, the Green Toys Dump Truck has been designed for extra durability – it won’t break that easily. But once your kids have outgrown it, all you need to do is put this toy truck into the recycle bin instead of the garbage one. That’s your small contribution to saving the planet.
Green Toys Dump Truck Toy Truck

One Response to “Green Toys Dump Truck”

  1. Maida Furgeson
    November 10, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    I ordered the Green Toys dump truck for my 1 year old a few months ago. He loves putting stuff in the bed and pushing it around on the floor. The recycled plastic is not just “better” for the environment, it is also sturdy and as of now, I think this toy truck is going to last a very long time!

    I would recommend this toy for any child!