Best Toy Trucks

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As kids grow into the preschooler stage, you'll find that toy trucks are a good way to hold their attention. This is an age where their motor skills are good enough to allow them to experiment with moving objects. Activities that involve collecting things, sorting them out, transporting items from one place to another all go towards developing sequential thinking, logic and creativity in kids. The best toy trucks are the ones that have ample space to carry loads. Those that have movable parts are even better. When you play with your kids using toy trucks, you can help them understand some of the basic concepts involved in how machines function. Although there are many trucks available for kids, the best toy trucks are the ones that have some level of interaction, too - this way your kids pick up social skills too. Here are a few toy trucks that will benefit your kids in more ways than one.

The Current Best Toy Trucks for Kids

Playskool Chuck The Talking Truck

One of the highly interactive toy trucks, this toy from Playskool. It is extremely popular with kids aged 2 to 6 because of its talkativeness. This interactive style helps kids learn language and articulation skills. When particular parts like the top or bumper or dump bed are pressed, this truck responds in 40 odd ways that will thrill kids. Chuck teaches kids about working with enthusiasm by saying things like "Time to find some dirt" and "Let's get to work". This is one of the best toy trucks available to imbibe kids with a healthy attitude towards work. Chuck will drive over when his name is called - this is a smart way to make kids learn how to respond positively.

Fisher-Price Little People Builders Build 'n Drive Dump Truck

Toy trucks as a concept have been around for quite some time, but the latest development is to take things a little further. Dump trucks are one of the best toy trucks for little boys - they take to it immediately and with obvious pleasure. The Fisher-Price Little People Builders Build 'n Drive Dump Truck is a complete world in itself. These toy trucks come with accessories like, bricks, a gate, rock blocks and even a tiny construction worker who can fit into the truck. Kids can be the master controllers - deciding what's to be loaded and where it's to be transported to. This is one of the features of toy trucks that teach kids self confidence and assertion skills.

Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck

Toy trucks that interact with kids can make learning fun. Ask kids which are the best toy trucks they love to play with, and they'll almost always choose an interactive one. Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck is a toy with quite a bright personality. Equipped with sound and motion sensors, he can push things around; tell jokes, dance and sing. He is one of the few toy trucks who can sleep and even snore when tired. Kids always want to know how something like this happens - use this opportunity to read out from a few picture books. Explain a few basic concepts of how real vehicles work.

Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck

Toy trucks that teach kids some real life concepts pay off in the long run. Kids learn how things happen and what's to be done in a particular situation. One of the best toy trucks that explain such concepts is the Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck. The truck is fitted with a water tank that's pressurized so that the hose can actually squirt water. Toy trucks like these can be used to encourage children to develop critical thinking skills. Create a scenario where there's a fire in the toy neighborhood and ask kids how they will handle it with the little fire truck. It sets them off thinking; more importantly, it gives you the perfect setting to explain about how fires are caused and what's to be done when that happens.

Green Toys Dump Truck

Toy trucks that encourage kids to play with mud and sand are good to help them develop fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination. The best toy trucks are therefore ones that can be used both within and outside the house. The Green Toys Dump Truck fits the bill exactly. It will haul sand, stones, dolls and alphabet blocks with equal ease. Another benefit of this truck is that you can teach kids about what eco friendly means. The story of how one of their toy trucks was first a milk jug will enthrall kids. Asking kids to embellish the story with their own ideas will make this one of the best toy trucks to foster imagination and creativity.