Sesame Street Giggle Microwave

The Fisher Price Sesame Street Giggle Microwave is a toddler toy that allows young children to pretend they are little chefs. This toy is quite easy to use. The play food for Elmo and his friend is placed inside the toy microwave, the door is closed, and then the button with the picture similar to the food inside is pressed.
Sesame Street Giggle Microwave

Much like a real microwave oven, once the correct button is pressed the microwave oven’s tray will turn slowly, sounds will start to play and the microwave will start to light up. The play food inside the microwave will also turn into its cooked look.

Kids Just Love The Sesame Street Giggle Microwave

The Sesame Street Giggle Microwave is very inviting to most kids. This toddler toy has a fun & friendly look that resembles Elmo’s head. It is especially designed for children as young as 18 months old to 3 year olds. Children have five different play foods to choose from which include a pizza, macaroni and cheese and a cupcake. This game will teach children how to share.

The Sesame Street Giggle Microwave Is Safe for Children

This toddler toy is safe for your little ones because the play foods are large and children will not be able to eat them. Like any other play food it is these are made out of soft plastic.

Sesame Street Giggle Microwave Review

The Sesame Street Giggle Microwave Is From A Trusted Brand Name

The Sesame Street Giggle Microwave is a famous Fisher Price product. This company has a long history of making wonderful toys for infants and children. They have already made thousands of quality toys that have made many parents and children happy. The toddler toy is said to be one of the best toys Fisher Price and Sesame Street has created.

Both boys and girls love this toddler toy. It has fun features and you can play with it in many ways. It lights up and has a fun sound that plays while you cook. You can even hear Elmo and his friend talking. This toy can be used during pretend tea parties or when playing as a cook, or when having a pretend birthday party. Parents and children can do lots of things with it too. The Sesame Street Giggle Microwave is also an amazing way for parents to bond with their toddlers.

Three AA batteries are needed for this toy to work. These are already included in the package once you purchase it. Parents should consider buying extras though because your kids will surely need a few extra batteries.

Sesame Street Giggle Microwave Toddler Toy

The Sesame Street Giggle Microwave will really entertain and bring enjoyment to children. This is definitely one toddler toy parents shouldn’t miss.

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