Best Toddler Toys

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The best toddler toys are those toys that are suitable for children one to three years of age and are designed to enhance your child's development and promote healthy growth. During this age children are just beginning to learn about things around them and build their independence. It is important for parents to choose the appropriate toys for them. There are many toys in the market today but only a few of them are among the best toddler toys that will enhance your child's development and promote healthy growth.

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The Best Toddler Toys Will Engage and Stimulate Your Child

Toddlers are very energetic and active. At this stage they start to appreciate games and different kinds of activities that are quite engaging. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the best toddler toys for your young one:

There's More To Toddler Toys

The best toddler toys are those that help in the development of their abilities and enhance their mental and physical skills and capacity. Toys that teach them about the basics such as colors, letters, numbers and phonics are good. Toddlers should be given toys that make use of their motor skills, enhance their hand-eye coordination, interpersonal skills and help develop their independence. There are many toys today that are especially designed, just for your toddler, and just for this purpose.

The Best Toddler Toys are Versatile

The best toddler toys are those that give children many fun activities and things to do with it. Because toddlers are fond of exploring and doing different sorts of "stuff", a versatile toy, one that they won't quickly bore of, is good for them. An example of a versatile toy is building blocks. With building blocks, children can build many things such as houses vehicles bridges, and what ever their creative little minds dream-up. When they are finished they can knock it all down and start over again. Building blocks also come in a variety of colors and forms. Versatile toddler toys are those that give toddlers many ways to have fun and enjoy while they develop their skills and abilities.

The Best Toddler Toys are Durable

Another quality that the best toddler toys have is durability. Toddlers, when playing, do not have their sense or caring and carefulness yet. They tend to be rough on their stuff. They love to throw things, crush them, sit on them and step on them. With this cute (but often annoying) destructive behavior they can easily destroy things at just a blink of an eye. Because of this, it's good to look for durable, strong and high quality toddler toys that can withstand long hours of playing. Look for toys made from materials that are hard wearing and will not easily break. The best toddler toys are durable, and will last a long time. The best toddler toys should be durable enough to be passed down the generations, to siblings and other children that will enjoy playing with it too.

Toddler Toy Safety

Safety is an important quality that the best toddler toys have. All other qualities are nothing if the toddler toy is not safe enough for young kids to play with. Safe toddler toys are those that are made from good materials that will not easily break. It is also good to buy toys that are free from choking hazards and paint that will not chip easily. Obviously, when buying toddler toys one should always read the safety precautions and age recommendation of the toy. You can also chose toys with safety gears with them such as seatbelts and helmets. It is essential that parents choose toys that are especially made, just for toddlers. And of course, babies, as well as toddlers, should never be left unsupervised.

Toddler Toy Prices

The price is one thing that one should consider when choosing toddler toys. You don't have to spend a lot to buy high quality toddler toys. There are high quality toys. The best toddler toys do not need to be expensive, what is important is that they are safe and help in the development of your child.


The ability to provide fun and enjoyment is one of the most important qualities that the best toddler toys should possess. Kids do not want toys that are boring and unattractive. They want something that can answer to their demands and needs. Scientifically engineered toys that provide no fun would just be a waste. Toddlers love to play and giving them fun and engaging toddler toys will surely make them happy.