Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe

The Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe is one of the best ride-on toys for toddlers available right now. It is like a magical pint-sized car that will give your kid the ride of his lifetime. Put him or her behind the wheel and you’ll be surprised at how good they feel to be in control, to be just like mom and dad, to be the adult that they dream of becoming one day.

Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe

Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe: A Pint-Sized Car

It is no ordinary pint-sized car. Children between the ages of 18 months to 4 years old can drive along with their favorite and well loved stuffed toys. The Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe has a rear seat for very important passengers just behind the very able driver. Because of its compact size, storage is not the problem with the Toddler Tune coupe that larger ride on toys can come with. Children can easily maneuver and race around their homes and their yards for years.

The best kids toys are not only fun and entertaining for children, but are also designed with safety in mind, and Step2 has done a good job with this in the Toddler Tune Coupe. Quite a miniature it may be, but Step2 has put a lot of thought into this ride on toy to ensure the comfort and safety are provided for your loved one. The front caster wheels of the Step 2 Toddler Coupe prevent tipping and accidental falls. The molded roof and integrated supports are made of materials that offer exceptional strength.

Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe Review

What’s Unique about the Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe?

The Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe provides more than just a fun and exciting ride in a toy. It develops leg strength since it is foot powered. Compared to the older versions of the coupe, the Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe offers a touch of realism with an opening driver’s door and an opening gas cap. The enjoyment on toddlers’ faces is amazing as they open the door, sit on the driver’s seat and start driving. Then, at a corner, they stop and confidently get out for a gas refill. Kids love this ride-on car.

What makes this latest version more exciting is its clicking ignition key. Parents will be happy to see the astonished looks of fun & surprise on their little-ones’ faces at having the power of making things move and making things sound. The pretend steering wheel in the Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe will bring them to all the places they could imagine. The horn which does not only honk when pushed but also plays music will most certainly carry away all their discomforts and unhappy feelings thereby giving parents a more relaxed and stress-free toddler.

Choosing the best ride on toys for your child doesn’t have to be a chore. Simply going with a “proven” model like the Step 2 Toddler Tune Coupe, from a trusted manufacturer, like Step2, is the first and easiest step. Next is to browse through the customer reviews on a popular website like to get the opinions from other parents that have already had hands-on experience.

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