Smart Trike Deluxe

The Smart Trike Deluxe is a ride on toy that is very practical to own. It is a 3 in 1 ride on toy that’s simply perfect for kids, and parents!
Smart Trike Deluxe

Children grow so fast. They quickly outgrow their things such as their clothes, toys and strollers. When you have a baby you have to keep on buying strollers and ride on toys almost every month or two to suite their size because they just can’t stop growing. For most parents this is pretty expensive and wearisome. Thanks to the Smart Trike Deluxe however, you already have a solution to this problem.

The Smart Trike Deluxe Can Transform into a Stroller

The smart trike deluxe is not a typical ride on toy. It is full of surprises. Unlike any other buggy in the market this one is able to be three different things. This is why it is called smart trike. First, it can be a stroller. This is good for at least 10-month-old children who are able to sit up by themselves. It also has a canopy that provides shade during walks at the park or when riding under the sun.
Smart Trike Deluxe Review

The Smart Trike Deluxe Can be a Push Bike

When the child grows and becomes bigger, the Smart Trike Deluxe stroller can be transformed into a push bike. It has a handle on the back that allows parents to push their kids around. This bike is for young children who still need guidance when riding a bicycle. For safety purposes, this bike has straps attached to its seat to keep children from falling. It also has pedals that will allow them to practice for their independent bicycle ride. When their feet become long enough to reach the pedals they will be able to help their parents when they ride around.

The Smart Trike Deluxe Can be a Tricycle

The smart Trike Deluxe can also change into a tricycle. With the basket and the wheel for themselves children will surely enjoy this ride on toy. It still has straps that can protect them from accidents or falls during the ride but they can also pedal and ride around without any attachment for their parents to use. The smart Trike Deluxe also has a storage place that will allow parents to keep their items on it. It has a basket on its back part suitable for holding stuffs such as snacks, diapers and toys. It also has a front basket for the children to place their things on.
Smart Trike Deluxe Ride On Toy

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