Best Ride on Toys

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Children just love to play with ride on toys. They are very entertaining and fun for children of any age. They are best for children who enjoy adventure and action. Ride on toys comes in different types and models. Sometimes it becomes pretty hard for kids and parents to choose the one they want.

Age Appropriateness

When buying ride on toys it is important for parents to check the age appropriateness of the toy. Some ride-on toys are not suitable for very young children. This is where safety issues come in. Some toys are not safe for children in a certain age range. There are many but it requires effort to find the best ride-on toys for kids. When a ride on toy is purchased for a child but it is not appropriate for their age it will only bring frustration to them and boredom. Parent's money sometimes ends up being wasted.

The Best Ride-On Toys Put Safety First

It is important to always consider your child's safety before purchasing a ride-on toy for your child. The best ride-on toys put an emphasis on child safety first, and often come with safety gear such as a helmet, gloves and knee and elbow pads. When a ride-on toy does not come with safety gear, it should be purchased separately. Some have fun and attractive designs that kids will certainly like. Because children are fond of moving around and being active they are very prone to accidents and harm. That is why having safety gear is a necessity. For other ride-on toys, check if there are straps that will hold little kids and prevent them from falling off or getting injured. Parents will also have peace of mind and lesser worries when they know that their kids are safe. Obviously, when young children are playing, parents should never leave them unsupervised. Following these simple precautions will not only benefit your kids but it will also prevent further expenses when children get injured. The best ride-on toys for kids are those that will keep them safe while they are having fun.

Types of Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys comes in various forms. They usually differ on the way they are used and propelled. Some ride-on toys are dependent on electricity and battery while others run with the use of pedals or by being pushed. Electric ride on toys are usually appropriate for older children who are already able to understand the complex way of operating it. Bicycles and strollers are usually used by kids who are younger such as toddlers.

Best Electric Ride-On Toys

A small motor and a battery are usually used for electric ride-on toys to run. These toys are usually similar to real vehicles but simpler in terms of operation and smaller in size. Electric ride-on toys are among the best ride-on toys for kids who are big enough to understand its complexities. Some of these have steering wheels and brakes. These toys may run by the use of levers or a push pedal. Having an extra battery is a good thing when your kids are using this kind of toy. Some batteries do not last that long and easily wear of. Even though their batteries are rechargeable some can only be charged for a few times. For some electric ride on toys a battery charger is already included on its set when purchased. Some have charging ports while others require removing the battery for charging. It is advisable to always check the motors and the batteries of this kind of toy before you buy one. These kinds of toys necessitate special kind of care. It is not good to leave these toys exposed to rain and snow for it may not run anymore once the battery gets wet. When there is moisture in the motor corrosion may occur and it may damage connections and cables. If this happens some parts may need to be replaced or meticulously cleaned for it to function again.

Best Pedal Ride-On Toys

Pedal ride-on toys runs with the use of natural energy of kids through the foot pedals. These kinds of toys have breaks to help children stop it when desired. The breaks can be by the use of a hand-grip lever or by just pedaling backwards. Common examples of these kinds of toys are the tricycles and bicycles. They usually come in different styles and designs. Some have rubber tires while others have plastic. Others have pedals attached directly to the front wheels while others have gears and chains. Pedal toys can be available for different ages. These are among the best ride-on toys for kids who are still small such as toddlers. For starters some have training wheels that can be removed once the child already knows how to ride. These kinds of toys are also very good for strengthening the thigh muscles of children. It also helps develop their sense of balance and operational skills.

Best Push Ride-On Toys

Push ride-on toys runs by the process of pushing the toy. This is among the best ride-on toys for kids who are very young and still unable to use pedals and complicated operations. These toys are sometimes made of plastic and rarely metals. They are smaller in size just right for toddlers and small children. Push ride-on toys helps in the development of children's coordination, control and gross motor skills. You may also find them in different forms such as tractors, cars and construction vehicles. Another type of a push ride on toy is a scooter. Scooters look like skateboards with handles on them. Their handles are usually waist high and are adjustable. They are propelled forward by repetitive pushing of one foot on the floor.

Best Wagons

These kinds of ride-on toys are good for little children who are still unable to drive by themselves. These toys require others to push for it to move around. They usually have long handles on the back part for others to push and pull. Wagons are good for parents who are always on the run in the neighborhood. With this they can push their kids on places they want to go. These kinds of toys are one of the oldest ride-on toys available.

Top Ride-On Toy Brands

Not all brands are equal. The following brands have a solid reputation for manufacturing some of the best ride-on toys in the industry.

Power Wheels

Power Wheels are known to produce high quality electric ride-on toys. They make toys appropriate for children ages one to two and two to six. For younger children they have a variety of models to choose from. The have a school bus, fire truck, lawn tractor and many more. For older children they have jeeps, SUV's, a Ford, a Mustang and many more.

Peg Perego

Peg Perego ride-on toys are tough and very realistic. This is an Italian company. The electric ride-on toys that they make are very similar to the real thing, only smaller and easier to use. They categorize their products on the batteries that they use. They make use of 6, 12 and 24 volt batteries. The ride-on toys that have larger battery volts are the ones that are capable of moving faster and doing things that are pretty complicated. When planning to purchase a Peg Perego toy it is best to check the age appropriateness of the toy. They have many ride on toys designed for specific age levels. They also have pedal ride on toys that parents can choose from.

Little Tikes

If you are looking for pedal and push ride-on toys, Little Tikes would be a good bet. There products are high quality, durable and strong enough to withstand long hours of playing. They have ride on toys that have holes in the bottom so that kids can propel it with the use of their feet. They also have different types of wagons, tricycle push toys, pedal toys and strollers for parents to choose from.

John Deere

This brand produces different types of ride-on toys such as, push, electric and pedal. John Deere ride on toys are very sturdy and are made to last for a long time. They have fun ride on toy models that children would surely enjoy, such as tractors, lawnmowers and fire trucks. Their toys are made for children with varying ages. They have ride on toys designed specially for kids with ages one to fourteen and above.

Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer has been around since 1917. They are considered as one of the most experienced toy company in making ride-on toys. Radio flyer is known for their durable, rugged and tough ride on toys that are made from excellent quality materials. They make classic and modern ride-on toys, with different designs and colors. They have wagons made of plastic and with a canopy, tricycles that are low riding and foldable, and push ride on toys that can easily be stored. Most parents regard Radio Flyer as one of the manufacturers of the best ride-on toys for kids.


The Razor ride-on toy company was founded on the year 2000 and had been known for their great products since then. One of their popular creations is the Power Wing scooter. Unlike other scooter this one is propelled by swiveling movement of the rider's feet. They also make skate boards for kids. They made the famous RipStik skateboard. They also make electric ride on toys. One example of this is the E300, a scooter with a motor. They also made a small version of a motorcycle. The Pocket Rocket, appropriate for kids twelve and older. His toy can run for 20 miles an hour and can be used for as long as 30 minutes. This is chargeable and it takes 12 hours to fully load it. They also have a unique wagon, the Electric Wagon. This toy gives children control by using pedals, it can run for 2-3 miles per hour and still have a handle on its back for parents to push, pull and control. It also has an umbrella for added protection from heat and rain.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price Toy Company is one of the most trusted names in toy making today. They specialize in various kinds of toys for different ages. When it comes to quality and durability, Fisher Price toys are always among the top brands since the 1930's. This is already considered as a very reputable company with excellent customer support and problem resolution method.

Examples of some famous ride-on toy products from Fisher Price are the Power Wheels, Lil' Quad series and the Monster Traction. Power Wheels is an electric ride-on toy, appropriate for children with ages ranging from one year to six and above years of age. The Lil' Quad series are ride on toys for children with ages ranging from one to two years of age. They usually come in animated forms that children simply adore. The Monster Traction is the newest driving system from this company. Unlike other ride-on toys, with the Monster Traction kids are able to drive through things that stop other ride on toys on the path. For children two to six year of age, products suited for them are trucks, jeeps, SUV's and other off-road terrain vehicles. They also have pedal and push ride-on toys. They also make ride-on toys that are not Power Wheels brand, but there are only a few of them. They are also very durable and are usually made of plastic.

The Best Ride On Toys will Have Positive User Reviews

There are many ride-on toy brands that children and parents can choose from. For your money not to be wasted it is essential to do careful research. You can also ask for opinions from avid toy buyers. The internet is also a good source of information. You can search for ride-on toys on the web along with comments and reviews from other people who purchased the product. The age appropriateness of the product is also a large factor in choosing the best ride-on toys for kids.