Razor Spark Scooter

The new Razor Spark Scooter is the latest glittery offering from the Razor Scooter stable; and that is meant quite literally, too. Available in blue, red and black, this scooter has a mechanism that is controlled by the rider’s foot that produces real flying sparks! If your kids are looking for attention, this is the Razor Scooter to go for; it is sure to get them noticed anywhere and anytime.
Razor Spark Scooter

This scooter differs from the basic A2 model Razor Scooter in that it is equipped with a spark bar that does exactly what the name implies – it creates sparks. The spark cartridge of the Razor Spark Scooter contains 5 flint pads to ensure that the scooter beats the competition when it comes to the proportion of sparks. The spark cartridge is of the refillable variety, so you don’t need to worry about running out of spark either! Considering that the Razor Spark Scooter is meant for use by playful 8 year olds and up, the scooter comes with one spare spark cartridge; which speaks a lot for the foresight of the designer. It also comes with a generous warranty period of six months.

Made of one of the sturdiest materials – aircraft grade aluminum, the Razor Spark Scooter is designed for long term use. Even kids of smaller build are able to easily lug it around; the entire body folds up to fit into a bag. Weighing about 5 pounds, it is light enough for an eight year old child to carry with ease. Like many other Razor Scooter products, the handlebars can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort to the rider. This flexibility is advantageous from the utility period point of view as well – kids can use it even as they grow taller. As for the ride, it is pretty smooth because of the ABEC 5 bearings and urethane wheels that come with a spring-less shock system. The brake next to the rear fender also provides for speed control which ensures that the Razor Spark Scooter is safe and easy to bring to a halt. A word of caution – it is not advisable to use the spark bar and brake simultaneously for the simple reason that this may make the pads tear. Anyway, your little wise guy probably knows instinctively that the process of rolling slowly does not make for a great spectacle, spark-wise.
Razor Spark Scooter Review

No Fears with the Razor Spark Scooter

There are a few other gratifying features too that the Razor Spark Scooter possesses. Understanding the fears of socially conscientious parents, the scooter has been designed to let off sparks that do not leave any permanent marks on the street. So you needn’t worry about damage to public property, either. If you thought that rain would play spoil sport with the kids’ fun, don’t worry; the sparks come off perfectly in the rain, too. Very thoughtful of the guys who designed the Razor Spark Scooter, you’d agree. You’d do well to remind your kids that the best place to show off their Razor Spark Scooter is a flat surface – the flatter and smoother the surface, like concrete, the better will be the sparks emitted. When you order your Razor Scooter, you are assured of value for money and after all, would you trade anything for that look of pure, unadulterated joy on your child’s face?
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