Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty

It is quite difficult to find a home with no computer connected to the internet these days. Lots of children have already grown familiar with the web. With computers, they are able to play different sorts of games online and interact with others. Because of this Ganz gave birth to the Webkinz product line and the Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty plush toy. Like all the Webkinz stuffed animals, Pom Pom Kitty can be played both in reality and in the virtual world. The Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty is a cute and cuddly plush toy that is totally full of fun and surprises.

Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty

Unknown to some parents, Webkinz stuffed animals are actually a key to getting online. They are so much more than just your average, ordinary huggable and cuddly plush toy – they offer more than meets the eye.

The Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty Is A Toy That Can Be Played In The Web

When purchased, Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty automatically comes with a code that enables parents and children to go to the company’s website. When the code is entered they can create an account and start playing with their Webkinz toy online. The virtual plush toy gets its own house, can change its clothes, and engage in different online games and activities. Apart from these, children can also do a lot of other activities with it.

Children Can Interact With Each Other Online With The Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty

Through the Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty, kids get to interact with other children in a safe, social environment. Because of this feature, children are able to develop their social and interpersonal skills. Apart from this, they can also find playmates and friends online.

The Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty plush toy is very adorable. It has soft purple fur and beautiful expressive eyes. It also has a big bushy tail that looks a lot like a pom pom (hence its name). Even when this cute plush toy is placed in the virtual world, it still looks the same way. It stays as cute and cuddly as it is in reality.

Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty Plush Toy

If you are looking for a cute and cuddly toy for your child, the Webkinz Pom Pom kitty fits the bill. It is not only a plush toy that is purple, fuzzy and has a ticklish tail, your child will also be able to play with it on the web. What more can you ask for from a stuffed toy? Grab one now and let the cuddling begin.

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  1. gloria peterson
    November 5, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

    The Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty was an instant hit with my 6 yr old daughter. My Husband set up the webkinz account for her on the computer and she loves it!

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