Let’s Rock Elmo Review

Let’s Rock Elmo is sure to be a hit this year with toddlers and parents alike. Even older kids can join in the fun, since Elmo comes with all sorts of interactive elements that make him fun to dance and sing along with.

Let's Rock Elmo

Best Parts About Let’s Rock Elmo

One of the best parts about Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo is that he’s completely interactive. The original Elmo comes with a drum set and a tambourine, and he recognizes which instruments you want him to play as soon as you hand them to him. Elmo plays, dances, and sings along to six different songs, including “It Takes Two” and other classic songs that kids and parents alike will love. Mom and Dad will also appreciate the fact that Let’s Rock Elmo comes dressed in an eighties style rocker tee complete with a lightning bolt, which just adds a fun flavor to this unique kids’ toy.

Even though this Elmo comes with only a couple of instruments and a microphone, more instruments are available, including a guitar and keyboard. These are great because kids can actually play with these instruments when Elmo isn’t using them, which cultivates an early appreciation for music and which may help you kids start to get into playing instruments and practicing for when they start learning to play real instruments in the future.

Let's Rock Elmo Review

Besides this, Let’s Rock Elmo does lots of cool dance moves, which means he’s a great motivator for helping your little ones get more fun exercise throughout the day. For a fun kick of energy in the middle of the day, just have Elmo play a couple of his songs while the whole family does a dance party. Elmo will motivate kids to get their groove on with his fun songs, and they’ll have a blast forming their own band with Elmo and crew, especially when other Sesame Street rock toys come out later in the year.

Any Potential Problems with Let’s Rock Elmo?

Like other Sesame Street Elmo toys, Let’s Rock Elmo is sturdy and easy to use. He recognizes what instrument he’s holding, which means that you don’t have to do a lot of programming to get him going. The only potential problem with this toy is that the instruments aren’t large enough for adult hands to use very comfortably, so Mom and Dad might have to stand by, sing, or dance while the little ones play the actual instruments.

Of course, another potential problem is that you’ll want to collect all the instruments for your kids! They’ll have even more fun playing with Elmo when they get multiple instruments, especially when there are multiple kids around playing with the rocking toy. However, some businesses are already starting to sell this toy bundled with one or two of the extra instruments, so you can get your child’s collection started early.

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