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Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey Mouse

Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey Mouse is a great alternative to Elmo musical toys for older kids or those who just aren’t that into Elmo. If your little ones love Mickey Mouse, they’ll get a big kick out of Rock Star Mickey, who can teach them a little about music and a little about jamming out to their favorite tunes. Here’s what you should know about this rocking Mickey plush toy.

About Rock Star Mickey Mouse

Rock Star Mickey is nothing if not entertaining. Parents love that it plays classic rock tunes, including “You Really Got Me” and that he’ll dance while playing the guitar. Kids love Mickey’s cool sunglasses and guitar, and they also like that he keeps moving all over the floor. Mickey will even teach his dance moves to your little ones when they press his nose.

Rock Star Mickey

Rock Star Mickey Mouse

Rock Star Mickey Customer Reviews

Parents comment that Rock Star Mickey is constructed well out of high-quality materials, so he should last for a long time. Plus, there’s the option of gifting kids with the matching rock star guitar so they can rock out along-side with Mickey Mouse.

Designed for ages 2 Years & Up, there are a few practical things that parents like about Rock Star Mickey Mouse, including the fact that he comes with his own AA batteries. Parents also like the songs that Mickey plays, and they enjoy the fact that he is very entertaining for the little ones. From doing the splits, to playing his guitar with his nose – Mickey entertains like the rock star he is!

Although this plush toy generally gets good reviews, there are a few potential issues with it. One of them is that there aren’t any volume controls, and Mickey only knows two songs, which get old for parents and kids alike rather quickly. Plus, he only knows a few dance moves, so older kids might get bored of watching him a little sooner than parents would like.

Also, some parents commented that this version of Mickey is less than snuggle-worthy, since he includes so many hard parts. It’s better for simply watching and rocking with a couple of times a day, but it’s not likely to be your toddler’s next take-to-bed favorite toy.

Disney's Rock Star Mickey Mouse

Rock Star Mickey is Not as Large as Dance Star Mickey

The Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey toy is larger – but it is also more expensive. If your kids like rock n’ roll, then Rock Star Mickey is going to be a better option for them, however. It really just depends on the personality and desires of your particular kids!

In all, Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey Mouse is sure to be an entertaining interactive plush toy for preschoolers who enjoy music and love Mickey Mouse, but it might be an even better gift for Mickey collectors or older kids who just want to put him on display and watch him bust his rock-n-roll moves every now and then. Younger kids are sure to get a kick out of Dance Star Mickey.

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