Dance Star Mickey

Dance Star Mickey Mouse puts other plush toys to shame thanks to its fantastic features and stylish design. This nifty toy is sure to keep your children entertained due to Mickey’s amazing dancing skills that are unmatched and unbeatable. If your kids enjoy dancing and singing then Dance Star Mickey is the ultimate companion that is sure to become a trusted friend and mentor. Mickey stands around two feet tall and has been lovingly created with all its major features intact and cherished, including a fantastic limber tail that grooves along with the music!

Dance Star Mickey

Dance Star Mickey Mouse Features

Other plush toys pale in comparison to Dance Star Mickey because this amazing rodent can pull off fancy footwork to a number of fabulous music styles including soul and techno. Thus you and your kids can have a little dance party with Mickey at the helm. The Dance Star Mickey also pulls off a neat moonwalk that is sure to bring out the Michael Jackson in your child and inspire imitation.

There is no better way to liven up a boring day than with cuddly plush toys and the Dance Star Mickey certainly does not disappoint; with its soft exterior it is cuddly and cozy. This makes it the perfect companion. Your children will definitely adore his skills and his fuzziness and this makes him the ultimate investment that will earn you some major brownie points.

What makes Dance Star Mickey even more enticing than other plush toys in the market is that Mickey can even walk and make jokes when you get tired of partying. Thus, Mickey can really become a great companion and is sure to entertain your family to no end. Mickey can also play two fabulous games with your kids, making him more engaging than all the other plush toys available.

Dance Star Mickey Review

Dance Star Mickey is thus the ultimate choice if you want to purchase a toy that will really liven up your home. There is nothing better than an engaging toy and Dance Star Mickey takes socializing to a whole new level with his five fantastic songs and his amazing moves. Dance Star Mickey Plush ToysYour entire family is sure to be charmed by the fabulous range of motion and the fact that cuddliness has not been sacrificed is a great advantage. Your kids will adore learning how to move with Mickey and the songs will definitely become family anthems that are sure to elicit much laughter and entertainment

Update:New for 2011: Fisher-Price just released the all new Rock Star Mickey Mouse! He’s a little smaller than his Dance-Star cousin but also costs a few bucks less.

If you are planning on buying just one toy then you should certainly invest in the Dance Star Mickey Mouse which will definitely keep everyone entertained and amused throughout the day. This toy comes with fantastic features and will certainly be well-loved and well-used throughout. Your kids will definitely love to learn the amazing dance steps that Mickey does so watch out for some major imitation. What’s more, the songs that Mickey sings are all addictive and memorable and every time they are played your entire family will definitely be the first ones up and dancing.

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  1. annuaire
    September 26, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Amazon says Dance Star Mickey will be released October 5th but I was able to pre-order through them. Thanks for this review, my 4 year old is going to love it!

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