Angry Birds Plush Toys

Angry Birds Plush Toys take the traditional plush toy concept and give it an edge. If you’ve got a little one who’s addicted to this fun game, they’ll love these toys based on their favorite Angry Birds. The birds come in different sizes and colors, like the ones in the game. Some of them even have sound, which can be a fun feature for the kids, if a rather annoying one for you!

Angry Birds Plush Toys

Got a kid who’s totally obsessed with Angry Birds? You can actually get all the birds – red, blue, black, white, and yellow – as well as the funky green pigs all in a set. Kids will love throwing around their Angry Birds and recreating the entire game with their new plush toys! The game sound effects make it even more lifelike. These plush toys can be a good way to get video-game playing kids away from the screen and back into the world of pretend, even if they’re a little older. The toys are soft and cuddly like traditional stuffed animals, but, of course, they’re funkier and more modern. With a piece of extra thick rubber band, they can slingshot their birds in real life. Just be prepared to clean off these stuffed animals pretty often, since they’re likely to get sling-shotted outside!

Angry Birds Plush Toys Review

Which Kids Will Love Angry Birds Plush Toys?

Angry Birds Plush Toys can look a little scary, especially the frowning red and black birds! They might not be the best option for children that still scare easily! Littler kids might like the innocent-looking blue and white birds a little better. The piggies are also good for little ones, even though they’re the bad guys in the game. They look more goofy than scary! Angry Birds toys are great especially for little boys who think they’ve outgrown plush animals but still like to snuggle with something at bedtime. They won’t feel too ridiculous taking these silly, trendy stuffed animals to bed. Plus, they make for much better boyish pretend games than your traditional bunny rabbits and teddy bears. Not that girls wouldn’t like the Angry Birds Plush Toys either. These toys are great for just about any kid who likes the Angry Birds game. If you’ve got an older kid – like a high school or college student – don’t think the days of childhood have totally passed them by. Plush toys from Angry Birds can be a funny gag gift to give these older kids, especially if they never seem to stop playing this game! Have a kid who doesn’t have room on the bed for any more stuffed animals? Check out the backpack clips! These plush toys are just as fun and a lot smaller. Kids can represent their favorite Angry Birds and take the clips off to play with their new toys, too.

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