Ultra Stomp Rocket

Girls or boys, kids or adults, everyone loves the Ultra Stomp Rocket! The outdoor toy has won many awards because of its simple design and economical value. You don’t need any fuel and not even batteries to make this “family-fun” toy work; just open the Ultra Stomp Rocket, jump – stomp – and watch it launch away! And the best part of this outdoor toy is that your kids will never get bored with it. It is fascinating, fun, and the recipe to help your children have a good time.

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Ultra Stomp Rocket comes in a pack of 4 rockets. Even if your kid (or you) loses one, there are three extras to fall back to. Furthermore, refill rockets are available at a very reasonable, low price. The cost-effectiveness makes it even more exciting because you don’t have to think twice before buying the coolest of all toys. This outdoor toy consists of a pad to stomp on, a stand, a hose and 4 plastic missiles. An air bag attached to the rocket by a tube, so when someone stomps on the bag, the rocket launches due to the rush of the air. It is the perfect way to explain to your kids the simple projectile motion in physics — that is, if they hear you above their excitement for the toy.

Up The Ultra Stomp Rocket Goes!

Did I mention that the Ultra Stomp Rocket can cover 200 feet of height? The harder you stomp on the air bag, the higher it goes. Due to the same reason, it can keep your kid involved in the activity for hours; adjusting and playing to get the rocket to go the highest. You can adjust the angles of the Ultra Stomp Rocket and launch it from different directions. Kids will compete to get the best height, find new ways to stomp and get creative using a simply designed toy.
Ultra Stomp Rocket Review
Having this outdoor toy gives them something constructive to do during their school breaks. They are most likely to stay out all day and practice with their rocket. At a party, give them chances to go at it in a different style and watch them have fun. Spectators have as much fun watching as the launchers do. The awes and grins will tell you how much they love it. Not just boys, but girls love it too! The Ultra Stomp Rocket isn’t gender biased; it thrills anyone who plays with it. This outdoor toy is especially safe and very entertaining to watch for all. Even if launched inside the house, it will not damage your walls or furniture because it is made of plastic. It is an excellent toy for every kid above the age of 8. Kids with special needs, like less muscle tone, can easily operate this toy as well. With this toy at hand, your kids will attract children from all over the neighborhood because kids absolutely adore the Ultra Stomp Rocket.

Ultra Stomp Rocket Outdoor Toy

When you’re on a vacation, you can take the Ultra Stomp Rocket along. Unlike other outdoor toys, it is fairly small and easy to carry. It easily fits in most small duffle bags with out much trouble and will keep your children entertained in the backyard, the park, the beach, or wherever.

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  1. JaniceD
    October 11, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

    One of our neighbor’s kid has a stomp rocket and now my 7 year old has been begging for one. I was very surprised to see just how inexpensive they are.

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