Best Outdoor Toys

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Kids love outdoor toys, and parents love knowing their children are getting fresh air & exercise. Because of this, there is a staggering array of various outdoor toys available today. The very best outdoor toys provide a special kind of fun for children. Kids get to experience nature and even play with the fun stuff like mud and rocks. Outdoor toys provide a variety of things and activities that children can do and perform.

Little Tikes Climb And Slide Castle

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Little Tikes Climb and Slide Castle

Ultra Stomp Rocket
Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

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Nerf Stampede Gun

Sand Boxes

One of the most classic, best outdoor toys for kids is the sand box. Sand boxes come in different shapes and versions. Some of these outdoor toys are made in square or rectangular while others come in fun shapes, like stars or hearts. It is important to purchase a sand box with a cover or a lid When playtime is over, this keeps animals and insects away from them (no need for the neighbor's cat to have access to it at night).

Outdoor Playhouses

Playhouses are outdoor toys that can keep children playing for hours. These toys can be used by both genders. For little girls it can serve as their little homes where they prepare food and tea parties for their friends, or even their mom 7 dad. For boys it serves as their base or port during war and rescue games. Sometimes playhouses are also used as club houses and headquarters. With a durable and high quality playhouse children will surely have a good time being constructive playing outdoors.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

If you live in a warmer climate, obviously one of the best outdoor toys for kids is a swimming pool. What better way for children to spend those hot summer days. Another popular outdoor toy during those blazing-days of July & August is a sprinkler toy. An often un-thought of advantage to water toys is that the kids are literally watering the lawn - with out even knowing it!

Outdoor Ride-On Toys

For adventure and more excitement, kids of all ages love ride on outdoor toys. They love to move around and search for action. With ride on toys they are able to fulfill this need. They can pedal around the lawn or visit their chums with their bikes, scooters, skateboards, or what have you. Ride on outdoor toys come in different types and age appropriateness. For smaller kids push-arounds and strollers are quite popular. Bikes and tricycles are more suitable for slightly older children. For safety purposes ride on toys usually come along with knee and elbow pads, helmets, straps, gloves and more. There are some really cool ride on toys that are even battery operated too. There are many types to choose from that children will definitely enjoy.

Toy Companies That Produce the Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

Toy companies that produce the best outdoor toys for kids can be determined through the type of outdoor toys they make. Intex and Little Tikes are two good companies in the production of inflatable outdoor toys and trampolines. Jump Sport and Airzone are also good in producing non inflatable trampolines that are usually for backyard use.

For ride on outdoor toys, Razor, Little Tikes, Fisher Price, Power Wheels, and Peg Perego are experts in this field. These are reliable companies that produce different kinds of outdoor ride on toys. They make toys that are pedal and push versions and battery operated ride on toys.

For playhouses, the companies that are known best in the production of these outdoor toys are Step 2, Little Tikes, and KidKraft. For swing and play sets, Sierra and Step 2 are the companies that are known for providing the best quality.

To find the best outdoor toys for kids, finding a good quality brand is a thing to start with. Doing research on the web is also a good way to find outdoor toys. By reading reviews and comments of previous buyers you will have an accurate view of the product in the eye of the buyer.