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VTech Innotab

VTech Innotab

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The VTech InnoTab is a brilliant new tablet for kids that means you no longer have to fork over your own expensive tablet when your little one wants to use one of his favorite game apps or read a book in the car. Instead, you can just pick up a tablet for your own child.

The great part about these tablets is that they’re made by one of the premier names in innovative, sturdy, and educational toys for kids. When your child has her own tablet, you no longer have to worry about her breaking your much more fragile version or accessing apps that might not be the best option for her to play with. The InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet is made just for kids, and it’s a great way to safely introduce your kids to the power of technology in tablet form.

Vtech Innotab Review

What Can the VTech InnoTab Do?

The VTech InnoTab is created to do all sorts of different things for kids. It has an interactive touch screen and an attached pen. It comes pre-installed with apps that let your kids draw, color, use a calculator, or read ebooks that you can download from your local library. It also comes packed with video players and MP3 players, a notebook, and a calendar, so your kids can use it for all sorts of different functions.

Vtech Innotab

Of course, though, a tablet wouldn’t be a tablet unless you were able to add extra apps to it. Luckily, you can do just that for your child’s VTech InnoTab using the online VTech store, which functions quite a bit like Apple’s iTunes store. At the store, you can download inexpensive apps that allow your kids to do everything from creating new paintings to exploring new stories to playing new games. The games on this tablet work much like those on an adult tablet, and they’re often played by turning or tilting the screen to manipulate the on-screen image or make something move.

As with other VTech toys, you can also purchase software packages that can connect externally with the toy. You can get lots of licensed character stories that come with games and interactive tools in these packages. Favorite characters and movies in these packages include Cars 2 and Disney Princesses.

Vtech InnoTab Games

Best Parts of the InnoTab

One great thing about the VTech InnoTab is that it’s a lot cheaper than the tablet you probably carry in your briefcase! Plus, it’s built for kids, so it’s much sturdier than your average tablet. It features a big enough screen for kids to play on, but the exterior covering of the screen is thicker and sturdier than what you’ll find on any other tablet on the market. This means this tablet for kids will easily stand up to the test of time and to the beating your child will put it through just by hauling it around in a backpack.

The InnoTab is also easy to use, so kids will figure it out quickly. If can be customized for preschoolers through elementary students, depending on what apps you use with it. You probably won’t even have to teach your little one to use it, as he’ll discover plenty of new uses through simple trial and error exploration!

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