Sonic Slam Toy

Sonic Slam Toy
For all the kids who look up to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, Sonic Slam Toy is just perfect. Playing Tennis inside the house poses a danger to the furniture, to everything that is breakable and of course everyone who is in. Not if you have this electronic toy from the house of Mattel. Sonic Slam Toy doesn’t need a ball; play tennis inside or outside at any time of day. Now, you don’t have to worry about your kids losing the tennis balls or hitting anyone with those balls.

Sonic Slam Toy – Game of Technology

Sonic Slam Toy is an electronic toy that uses motion technology to play virtual tennis. Players can serve, score, swing just like real tennis and the rackets will keep the score, recognize the speed and distance of the hit. The voice and sound effect of this electronic toy is smashing. Your kids are going to love the way it keeps score of their drop and shots, senses if the shot is short or long and features super cool lights. Day or night, inside or out, your kids can play it anywhere and just have a good time.

Sonic Slam Toy will control the virtual ball, its speed and distance between the players. The little tennis stars do not need to chase the tennis balls, pick them up in order to practice their hands at the game. In fact, they won’t require any extra equipment or gear. The voice will prompt and tell you what to do next. If the Sonic Slam Toy racket is left on, it will time out after 60 seconds. You will need to turn it OFF and then on to activate it. The range of the electronic toy is 35 feet and if any one of the players moves outside the range, the game would be interrupted.

Sonic Slam Toy Review

Grand Slam Junior with Sonic Slam Toy

Sonic Slam Toy offers 3 ways to play the game:

  • Sonic Slam
  • Solo Slam
  • Hot Potato

Sonic Slam – Sonic Slam Mode

Sonic Slam is a two-player game of tennis, just like you see on the television. The only difference is that you won’t be using any real balls and also your rackets are way cuter. The player who wins 10 points first wins the game.

Sonic Slam – Solo Slam

With Solo Slam, you can practice before competing with an opponent. Play alone and get a hang of the game in this mode. Player One, you, will serve first and the computer will hit next. The first one to earn 10 points wins the game. Rackets light flashes to declare the winner of the game.

Sonic Slam – Hot Potato

Hot Potato is an explosive game. In this one point game, the player who hits last before the Hot Potato timer runs out wins the game. The game proceeds just like Sonic Slam and the racket declares the winner after it is over.

This electronic toy is recommended for kids above 6 years but everyone can enjoy tennis with this toy. Sonic Slam Toy requires 3 AAA batteries to run. Sonic Slam is super-charged, fun and frolic. Wacky shots, witty sound and fascinating modes will keep your kids amused.

Sonic Slam Toy Electronic Toy

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