New Mindflex Duel Game

Mindflex Duel GameThe Mindflex Duel Game is based on the original Mindflex game, and it offers kids a cool sci-fi way to improve concentration. Kids (and adults, too!) will love the fact that they can actually move an object just by thinking and looking at it.

I know what you’re thinking – there’s no way the levitation is actually real. It’s sort of true. You aren’t actually causing the ball to levitate through your brain activity, but the fans that keep the ball up for this game actually are controlled by your brain activity.

The headbands that come with the Mindflex Duel Game are tuned in to your actual frontal lobe activity, which means that when your frontal lobe is more engaged, the headband can read that. The headband then sends a signal to the fan motor, so the fan will blow harder or softer depending on your concentration levels. It works just like the single-player, original Mindflex Game but with the added advantage of being able to compete/play simultaneously with multiple players.

Come on. Science has been reading and using our brainwaves in experiments and diagnostic tests for ages. Isn’t it about time someone took this amazing technology and turned it into a game for kids?

Mindflex Duel Game Review

3 Reasons the New Mindflex Duel Game Makes Our Best Electronic Toys List This Year

Here are some of the reasons I think the Mindflex Duel Game is one of the best electronic toys available this season:

1. It’s Fun!
Most kids are naturally competitive on some level, and the Mindflex Duel Game is a little less boring than the original Mindflex game simply because it can be competitive. It can also be cooperative, too, which can be super challenging and interesting. Also, this game has all the advantages of the original Mindflex because it can be set to a single player mode. If you’ve been thinking about getting your child Mindflex, you might as well skip that one and pay a little more for a game that has several other player modes and won’t get boring as easily.

2. It’s Got Lots of Options
Just as you can play the Midflex Duel Game with one or two people, you can play it in several modes. Some allow you to try to push the ball into your opponent’s end zone, and others are based on the original mind obstacle course idea of the Mindflex game. Having all these options means this game is a worthwhile investment because it allows your kids to have hours of fun just by changing the settings on the game. And unlike the original, single-player Mindflex game, the new Duel let’s you go head-to-head with each other.

Mindflex Duel Review

3. It’s Educational
One of the best things about the Mindflex Duel Game is that it may actually help improve concentration in other areas of life. Several studies show that average children and those with autism and ADD can improve concentration when reading and in school by playing games that involve concentration. Since Mindflex actually measures the levels of concentration in your brain, it’s a great way for kids to get biofeedback about their concentration levels so they can learn to concentrate harder and longer. Getting better at this game doesn’t just mean your child will win the Mindflex Duel Game more often – it also means they’re more likely to win at reading, at school, and at life!

For these three reasons, this game is a great investment and one of the best electronic toys available this year! It’s a must-have for all parents who want to give their kids something fun to do while improving their concentration, too. And it’s not just for kids – the whole family will have a blast with this new & improved, multi-player Mindflex.

The new Mindflex Duel Game was first released August 15th, 2011 and was sold out the same day on If it’s anything like the original Mindflex game, you can be sure it’s going to be one of the most sought after Christmas toys for 2011 which means you’ll want to grab yours ASAP to avoid the inevitable price-hikes that are sure to take place as the Holidays near.

The original Mattel Mindflex list price, when first released 2 years ago,was $74. By the end of October 2009 it was already selling for twice that (if you could find it) and by the end of November the going price was $247 – And they were still near impossible to find in stock!

Don’t get caught-up in the last minute price gouging that’s sure to take place with the 2011 Mindflex Duel Game. Order yours today! As we get closer to the Holidays and you see the price skyrocketing, you will be glad you did.