Mindflex Game

Are you familiar with Jean Grey of X-Men and her mind powers? Well, you can acquire the same powers with the Mindflex Game, but yours will be real! The original Mindflex Game is simple – you need to raise and lower a ball, not using your hands but your mind power. This electronic game is specially made to increase the concentration and problem-solving power of kids and adults to help them focus better.
Mindflex Game

Mindflex Game – Dream On

Technology is awesome! Using brain activity to move a ball is a brilliant idea. The Mindflex Game uses basic EEG – Electroencephalography – to capture activity of the brain and controls the ball. The Mindflex Game headset, which you need to wear when you’re playing the game, has sensors that measure the brain activity associated with concentration. It can tell you precisely when you’re mind is on the game and when it’s not.

As of August 2011, there is a new version that was released that allows 2 players to compete at the same time. Appropriately named the Mindflex Duel Game, you no longer have to take turns with the game – but can play/compete simultaneously with multiple players. See our Mindflex Duel Game review here.

The game console of this electronic toy is round and powered by four C batteries. There is a small fan on the board and many holes that are used to anchor obstacles. You need to power the fan through your mind activity and the ball will move around. The obstacles of this electronic toy could be easy or complicated and they can be customized. You can put these obstacles wherever you want around the circuit and try to slide the foam ball through them. The ball remains in the air because of the air cushion but to raise or lower it, you need to concentrate and relax your mind.

Mindflex Game Review

Mindflex Game Means Mind On Matter

You don’t have to roll a dice or even move your hands. When you’re ready to play Mindflex Game, put on the headset, attach the metal sensor on your forehead and fasten the clips to your ear lobes. This electronic toy has five game settings to give your kids some variety.

  • Freestyle is, as the name suggests, free of time limits and controls. In this mode, you can learn to control the ball, move it around the obstacles and play with the device to get a hang of it.
  • Danger Zone has a time limit. To win this game, you need to get out of a quadrant as fast as possible under that time limit. The player who finishes fastest or reaches furthest is declared the winner of this game. You need to concentrate really hard and any break in the focus could get you eliminated from the game.
  • Mental Marathon is a race around the board. Each player takes his chance at finishing the obstacle course. The machine lets you know who finished the fastest revolution once you are done.
  • Chase the Lights is another timer game in which you have to move the ball according to a light. You keep dodging the ball through the obstacles between the four lights until the time is out.
  • Thoughtshot uses cannon and the funnel. It is most complicated game because you have to shoot the ball through the cannon to funnel in a given time.

Mindflex Game was one of the top 10 best toys of 2009 and is on course to repeat again as one of the top toys for Christmas 2010. Not only kids, but adults, will be fascinated with the functioning of this electronic toy. The Mindflex Game is innovative and spellbinding. This toy is recommended to kids because it provides them creative ways to increase their mental ability.

Mindflex Game Electronic Toy