Mattel Loopz Game

Mattel Loopz Game
Mattel Loopz Game is an electronic toy for single or multiple players. The kids can improve their hand-eye coordination and speed with Mattel Loopz. Just memorize and replicate the patterns of the light and sound and enter the next level. It may sound easy, but it’s not.

Mattel Loopz Game Showtime

Mattel Loopz Game includes 4 AA batteries and supports 7 different game modes. This electronic toy has 4 semi-circular rings and motion sensors; players imitate the moves by playing their hands inside the rings and they are detected by the machine. The Mattel Loopz Game keeps getting faster depending on how well you are playing it. Missing three times finishes the game so you need to move fast – stay alert and keep your eyes on the game.

Mattel Loopz Game – The Super 7

Mattel Loopz features 7 different games, namely: Repeat the Beat, Reflex Master, Rhythm and Flow, Musicology, Freestyle DJ, Music Studio and Versus Mode.

Repeat the Beat is a one player game with 3 levels and as the name suggests, you need to keep repeating the changing pattern of the light. After successfully completing a 10 prompt sequence, you reach the next level but if you make 3 mistakes, your game ends. Reflex Master in the electronic toy could be played with more than one player. Players are required to trace the loops without having to worry about making mistakes as only the successful attempts are tracked. When playing with other players, the Mattel Loopz Game gives 30 seconds to each player to score lights and the player with the highest score is declared the winner after everyone has had their chances.

Mattel Loopz Game Review

To finish the 3 levels of Rhythm and Flow, a player needs to wave his hands through the loop to keep playing the song. After 30 seconds of successfully keeping the song going, you get to the next level with another song. However, every mistake takes you back to the starting of the song and 6 mistakes end the Mattel Loopz Game. Musicology is a single player game. There are 5 patterns of light each accompanied by sounds from different instruments. Once you finish tracing all the 5 light patterns one by one, the whole song is played. You need to finish building three songs in the same manner in order to win the game.

With Freestyle DJ, you can remix the tracks by waving your hands through the loops. Just make some good music with cool techniques and have fun.Like Freestyle DJ, Music Studio is exempted of any levels. You can use Mattel Loopz Game as a musical instrument and play notes on the electronic toy. Versus mode is a two player game in which the players build patterns and repeat it until one of them makes 3 mistakes. Moving both the hands through the loops could make the prompt more challenging.

Mattel Loopz Game Electronic Toy

This electronic toy is exciting and fascinating because it is something kids have not seen before; it brings with itself the wave of freshness and element of surprise. Certainly one of the top toys for Christmas 2010 – you can be sure of one thing – your kids will enjoy this game.

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  1. loopz is a fun game
    November 12, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    we have been playing with loopz for a month now and it really is fun! it’s a game that the whole family can play too. it’s still to early to tell about the durability, but so far so good.

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