Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters

Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters
The Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters have been making waves in the electronic toy market ever since they were launched in June 2010. If your kids are the kind whose fantasy world revolves around militants and warriors – especially the little guys – this is one toy that’ll wow them.

What the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters Do

In case you’re not familiar with the typical Zhu Zhu pets, let’s get you updated. The original pets were small hamsters with a motor fitted to them, dashing around from one place to another constantly emitting coos and squeaks when they bumped into another object. The Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters are the same pets reincarnated as warriors. These too dart around, directionless, but only until they enter the special training area provided called the Tablet of Zhu. This magically transforms the cute little hamsters into battle ready forces, ready to fight each other.

Features of Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters

This electronic toy from Zhu Zhu pets consists of eight Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters divided into two groups. You have the characters Sgt. Serge, Stonewall, Rivet and Rock’O as part of the Special Forces squad pitted against the Ninja Warriors Thorn, Azer, Yama and Drayko. Within each of the groups of the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters, you have further diversification – there are two clans each having two loyalists. Never mind if this confuses you – your kids will understand the concepts perfectly.

Each of the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters comes in a different color, equipped with its distinctive personality and capable of performing certain specialized actions. Your kids will soon be raving about the technological knowhow of Rock’O has or the go-getter Drayko.

Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters Review

Besides the warriors in the basic Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters pack, kids can choose from a wide range of accessories to get their pets battle ready. The Do Jo Base is the planning room used by the Ninja Warriors to map out their attacks. Not one to be left behind, the Special Forces have their own Headquarters where they are tutored in the nitty- gritty of warfare. This electronic toy can be a warrior collection in its own right – the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters have their own accessories like fighting armor, pieces of track system and a special battle arena – all part of the inimitable appeal of combat.

How Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters Help

Your kids are ensured of endless hours of engrossing play with the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters. Although it’s the hamsters that fight, you’ll find certain aspects of your kids coming to the fore – including their ability to plan and strategize. This is one electronic toy where you don’t have to really get involved – the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters function in a pretty simple way. They can even be hand trained – this gives kids an important sense of purpose and responsibility.

Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters Electronic Toy

You’ll even start finding more time for yourself; the kids will prefer to be left alone to play with these precious pets. The biggest relief of all – there’s no clean up required like a real pet. So anyway you look at it, the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters will match your criteria for the right electronic toy to gift your child.