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FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys mean that robots are no longer just for boys. These robotic toys are meant for girls, and they bring a whole new level of fun to play for little girls.

The toys come complete with voice recognition, and they know lots of phrases and jokes so they can interact with your little girl.

Plus, they have a squishy skin that allows them to move freely, as well as a beat recognition feature that allows them to move correctly to whatever music happens to be playing at the time. Here’s what you need to know if you’re deciding whether to choose this toy for your daughter:

Best Parts about FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys

One of the cool parts about FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys is that there are different types of toys with different personalities. You can have a trend-setter, a sweet heart, or a go-getter for a best friend, depending on which FIJIT you choose. Of course, most girls will love them so much that they’ll want all of them. The little friends are programmed differently, so they’ll interact based on their unique personalities, and they all have lifelike animated faces that give them expression, too.

The voice recognition feature allows the FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys to respond in different ways to your daughter’s voice. They can recognize several commands, and they can also respond with jokes and compliments when asked a question. Plus, they can interact with touch, laughing, for instance, when your daughter pokes their bellies or tickles them.

Fijit Friends Electronic Toys

Another great feature of these interesting toys is that they can both perform their own songs and dance to music that’s already on. The toys can interact with your little one’s mood depending on what music is playing at the time. If she’s in an upbeat mood, she can play fast, loud music, and her little friend will dance accordingly. If she’s in a mellow mood, she can play mellow music and enjoy the slower, rhythmic movements of her little friend.

Fijit Friends Interactive Toys Review

Fijit Friends User Reviews

As some Fijit Friends user reviews point out – like many electronic toys, FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys aren’t rechargeable but run on AA batteries. You can, of course, pick up some rechargeable AA batteries and a charging pack when you get these electronic toys, which would be a good idea – particularly if your child really loves playing with this toy because she’ll want to keep it constantly juiced up and ready to interact.

Some users have also noted that there can be issues with the voice recognition system. This is of course to be expected with any voice-recognition technology. It’s important to program the toy correctly using the correct keywords and to speak clearly when getting the voice recognition to kick in. However, let your child know that sometimes she’ll have to try a couple of times to get FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys to follow her commands properly, and head off any frustrations by teaching her to use the voice recognition features properly from the start.

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