Vtech Mobigo

VTech Mobigo

VTech MobiGo System

Manufacturer: VTech™
Model Number: 80-115800
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Vtech Mobigo is not just an electronic toy for kids; it is a medium to teach your kids numbers, letter as well as self-control and patience. It adds meaning to the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” by using games and apps to help your kids understand better and develop more. Plus, it is durable to endure the rough use by the little owners of the product.

Vtech Mobigo comes with a cartridge and computer cable to download games. It requires 4 AA batteries to run and is equipped with AC adapter jacks and headphone.

Vtech Mobigo Review – From the Outside

This educational toy is physically compatible for your kids with its perfect size to fit the tiny hands of kids of age 3-8 and properly sized buttons in accordance to their little fingers. The Vtech Mobigo education toy has a touch screen to tap, flick, drag and drop and pat just like their parents do with their gadgets, a four-directional button on the left and a big button on the right of the console. The QWERTY keyboard slips open from the Vtech Mobigo screen. Although it might look like too much for kids so young, our review of the Mobigo found that it really should not be – it will help you teach them letters which will ultimately benefit your child.

VTech MobiGo Games

Vtech Mobigo Review For Little Gamers

Vtech Mobigo is technology at its best for kids – providing them something fun while educating them. Mostly, all the toys fascinate the kids; Vtech Mobigo crosses the boundaries of being just an “electronic eduction toy”. With coloring games, drawing games and virtual playing instruments, the Vtech Mobigo is an education toy that is going to allow your kids to express themselves by engaging in these games. Our Mobigo review found the wide category of games for math, vocabulary and logic, especially beneficial for young ones and the QWERTY keyboard will even give them a head-start typing. Parents often wonder if the games of a gadget, play station or ipod are too complicated to handle or too easy and boring for the kids. With the Vtech Mobigo, this is one less thing to worry about because it is a mixture of both easy and hard levels. Tough tasks frustrate the kids and they end up not liking the toy but with this one, once they are done with the easy level, they can then pursue the harder, more challenging level. If the case is opposite, you could be sure they have easier games to fall back to when they’re having a difficult time accomplishing the more challenging ones.

This electronic education toy will keep your child entertained and learning with its features and games. The system of the product is especially sophisticated; you will be amazed with the kind of progress your kids will make on numbers, colors and the alphabet with the Vtech Mobigo. In case you need more games for your little kids, the Vtech Mobigo educational toy is conveniently web-enabled, i.e., you can download additional games from the internet and expand the content of your system to ensure your child’s education continues to progress.

Impressive technology and functionality, amazing potential, educational content and challenging tasks of the Vtech Mobigo makes it the perfect electronic learning toy for your kids and their education.

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