Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator

Boys and girls after all, playful as they are, always stand up to challenges. The quest to knowing as many things has become a race in schools, at home, among friends, almost everywhere. But ease the pressure on your child and let him/her learn new things with pleasure through educational toys such as the Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator.

Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator Educational Toy

The night sky has been a wonder for people from all over and of all different times. Discoveries have been made. Lifetimes have been spent investigating the objects found on the endless world beyond what our naked eyes can see in the skies. But until this time, there is still lots and lots to discover. That is the challenge of this universe, the challenge that is passed on to different generations. Our children and our future grand kids are never exempt from this calling of making this universe an understandable and comprehensible place to live. The Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator will make this mission fun and easy for us, as well as educational. This is one of the best education toys of recent times, one that will turn curious kids into little scientists.

Learning through Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator

Innovations on toys have made it certain that children enjoy learning. Learning while playing is what the Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator offers. With this educational toy, children can navigate the skies, find stars and constellations. They can even locate mythological figures on a built-in audio guide. By simply listening to the narration kids can accurately observe the night sky above. When bombarded with questions that may be difficult to answer, parents sometimes turn to references. But with the Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator, we let the children experience. We let the children discover themselves the answer to the different questions that bug their little minds. One good way to do this is to invest in the best educational toys that they will surely enjoy.

Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator and its Unique Features

The viewing of constellations and mythological figures is made exceptional with the multiple light modes. Season, date and time dials are made easy and ready for a year-round navigation. An added feature is the glow-in-the-dark compass which enables users to navigate even on darkest settings. The LCD clock in the Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator also has a back-light for night use. Of course, this is an electronic education toy, so 3 “AA” batteries will be required. Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator is an education toy that is highly recommended for school children aged eight years old and above. Let your child carry with him/her this portable stellar map. Simple curiosity can turn into scientific inquiry. So quench their thirst for knowledge now, grab the chance to learn and let your child experience the mythical figures, the planets, the stars and the infinite world beyond through the Night Sky Navigator educational toy.

The Uncle Milton Night Sky Navigator is available at Amazon.com.

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