Infantino Counting Penguin

The Infantino Counting Penguin is an educational toy that allows children to learn and play at the same time – offering children a fun way of getting to know numbers while developing their counting skills.
Infantino Counting Penguin

Unlike older children who learn in a structured environment, younger children mostly learn things through interactive play. They don’t learn through lectures and writing papers for school because they are still very small. This is one reason why there are lots of different educational toys being released in the market nowadays. One of these toys is The Infantino Counting Penguin.

The Infantino Counting Penguin Is Inviting

This educational toy comes in a form of a delightful animal – a penguin! He has an enormous smile on its face and two expressive eyes that attracts children. The Infantino Counting Penguin toy has a cute and cuddly face that is pleasing to the eyes of children and even to their parents. It can also be turned on and off through the heart on its chest. Pressing the heart button is really easy and no problem at all for even the youngest children.

Infantino Counting Penguin is An Education Toy

The Infantino Counting Penguin helps children learn how to count from one to ten. Your child will learn by feeding the penguin with a fish, his favorite food. When they put the fish inside the penguin’s mouth, the toy starts to count and each time they feed him another fish he continues to count higher. He comes with 5 fish total. To get the play fish out of the penguin just open the little door on his belly. The little door can be easily opened by children of all ages. An educational toy, he also has numbers written on his belly which allows kids to learn and memorize the numbers not only by sound but also by figures.
Infantino Counting Penguin Review

The Infantino Counting Penguin toy helps children learn the basics in numbers. It also teaches them cause and effect relationship and helps youngsters build good hand-eye coordination. One good way to develop this is through the process of picking up a fish and inserting it to the penguin’s mouth.

This educational baby toy is just one of the amazing toys that came from this dependable company. This delightful Infantino Counting Penguin toy will entertain your child as well as educate them.

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  1. Torrie Dumouchel
    October 10, 2010 at 7:14 pm #

    The Infantino Penguin was given to my 2 year old daughter as a present from “grama”. She adores it and loves feeding the little guy fish. The only issue I have with it is that it only comes with 5 fish. It’s able to count to 10, but there are only 5 fish which means you have to empty his belly after 5 to continue to 10. Luckily she’s able to empty it on her own. Other than that, it’s a great educational toy to teach toddlers the sequencing of numbers in a fun manner, and yes, I would recommend it.

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