Best Education Toys

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Learning is a lifelong process but the roots are instilled in the very beginning. Education toys promote physical and emotional development in a child. They educate kids in a fun and playful way by allowing them to learn fundamental things like number sequences, spelling, and reading comprehension, to more complicated subjects like theories of physics. While you can find education toys for children of all ages, not all educational toys are equal, and some are obviously better and more successful with children than others. Some of the best education toys are discussed below.

Best Education Toys Examples

There are many education toys available on the market today. They came in various styles, types, and brands. Many of the best educational toys come from trusted brands that have a lot of experience in designing developmental education toys for children. Examples of some of these are: Lego, Mellissa & Doug, LeapFrog, Lamaze, VTech, and many more.

Lego Education Toys

Lego is famous for its building block sets for all ages. Lego designs one of the best education toys for kids, giving the little ones an opportunity to get creative and use their imagination. Lego education toys not only increase kid's hand-eye coordination, these simple building sets also teach children math and physics. Lego sets are fun and inviting; children simply love building and creating things. They can build vehicles, towns, community, hospital, schools, playhouse, farms and so much more. These attractive educational toys will help you explain some basics to your kids. Trusted and in the market for years, Legos are one of the best education toys to start your child's learning expedition.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock Education Toy

Time and tide wait for none. Melissa and Doug have designed a simple yet invaluable education toy to help kids learn not only about clocks, but also about shapes and numbers. The wooden clock toy is colorful, attractive and the concept of detachable shaped numbers is brilliant on Mellissa and Doug's part. Each number fits into a slot and the hands of the clock have been labeled "Minute" and "Hour". This education toy works as a puzzle to provide the opportunity for parents to demonstrate the concept of time, and telling time, through the use of various shapes and numbers. It is definitely one of the best education toys by Melissa and Doug - a multicolored wooden clock that will educate kids on so many levels. Moreover, it is durable and will last longer than many plastic toys.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write Education Toy

LeapFrog introduced a great toy for the kids to discover new things and learn while having fun. The Scribble and Write Education Toy comes with a surface to write and draw with a stylus. Children are taught drawing figures and shapes quite easily on the retraceable surface and when they are ready, you can help them write alphabet characters and numbers in lower and uppercase. LeapFrog comes up with education toys that are both innovative and challenging. This one sure does the trick - the lights indicate to children how to form letters while also getting them comfortable in holding a pencil-style stylus. Moreover, this kids toy can easily be connected to the web for parents to customize specifically for their child. LeafFrog and its products are highly appreciated by parents and their success with educational toys continues.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell Education Toy

See and Spell is one of those education toys that teach children basic language skills. Your little ones can easily learn spelling and improve their vocabulary in a fun and engaging way with colorful letters and pictures that come with this toy. The boards and letters are wooden, thus they are durable and long-lasting. The toy is easy to use for kids above 3 years, just set the letters to solve a puzzle on the board and teach your children letter recognition. Once they learn the letters, they can easily move to simple words. Needless to say, this developmental toy is a great assistance for young children learning their letters and spelling.

Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop Education Toy

Nothing today seems possible without computers and laptops. Getting your kids acquainted with technology at an early stage with the best education toys available will prove miraculous for their development. Vtech's learning laptop for pre-schoolers looks just like a real laptop with a colorful keyboard, detachable mouse and an LCD screen. This educational toy laptop features 30 activities including programs that teach math and language to children as well as entertaining songs and music lessons.

How to Find the Best Education Toys for Kids

The determining factor of a toy's success is the perception of a child. Although many toys are made keeping in mind the development of the kids, true education toys should specifically help them intellectually and physically. The best educational toys interact with the child and grab their attention and also help them develop a skill. These days you can find educational toys for all ages from classic designs to high tech devices, depending on what you want.