Zoobles Toys

Zoobles Toys

One of the leading toy makers, Spinmaster has brought out a collection of miniature dolls called Zoobles toys. These creatures have an astonishing skill – they can instantly transform into little balls. They’re said to be located on the Isle of Zooble – a strange island. No kid can help the natural curiosity that a toy like this evokes.

Features of Zoobles Toys

The Zoobles toys come as a set that is made up of two Zoobles and one Happitat. If you’re wondering what exactly is so special about these miniature dolls – just take a trip down memory lane. Try and recollect the thrill of mysterious places and things, and you’ll know why these Zoobles toys are such a hit with young kids.

A Zooble looks somewhat like a bright ping pong ball. As soon as you place it above its Happitat – which is the name for its home – the ball gets converted into a charming little character. The Zoobles toys come in a wide range of colors and characters – all designed to stimulate the visual senses of your little one. The miniature dolls are numbered – so you know that once you’ve got one, you absolutely have to get two, and then three and so on – no kid will stop at one. This may be quite agreeable to parents – at least to those who constantly worry about their kids latching on to games and toys with violent undertones.

Zoobles Toys Review

Magical Zoobles Toys

These miniature dolls are fashioned as characters of some mysterious, imaginary land called as Petagonia, Seagonia and Azoozia. The part about Zoobles toys that is most attractive to kids is the fact that they actually move. When they are in the ball form, they are oh-so-quiet; but pop them open, and they become naughty little creatures with a mind of their own. There are a lot of things that Zoobles toys can do – they roll about and can be moved around as part of the adventure story your kid’s starring in. You can see that they love encouragement, their tiny heads move up and down when touched.

These miniature dolls come with various accessories too. There’s an adorable case which is just the right size for your kids to carry along on a trip. This carry case has a resting spot that comes up when the case sides flip down – this is the Zoobles Rest Nest. Another of the Zoobles toys play sets is the Undersea Play Set – this depicts an underwater scene – just the place for many an exciting adventure. If your kid’s interested in a treehouse, even that is available – it includes all the paraphernalia for a wild adventure in the jungle.

The Zoobles toys come from the Spinmaster stable – the same manufacturer who gave kids the delightful Liv Dolls. Like the other toys from this company, the Zoobles toys are thoughtful enough to educate without taking away the joy from the process of learning. Make a gift of these miniature dolls to your kids, then stand back and watch as they play – you’ll be amazed at the ingenuity of their little minds.

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