Squinkies toys are the latest set of miniature dolls creating waves in toy land. Kids are fascinated by tiny things – ever noticed how they react to a baby in its pram? It’s all ingrained in their nature – the desire to own a cute, petite playmate. Recognizing this, Blip Toys has launched a new toy that is guaranteed to captivate your little ones. Squinkies come as soft and supple plastic figures – these miniature dolls, encased in a bubble of their own, appeal to the child like spirit of wonder. Your kids will just love to pop open the bubble to find the adorable doll inside.

Types of Squinkies

There are a variety of Squinkies to choose from – girls, kitties, fairies and babies. The first three lines launched by Blip Toys are Princess, Birthday and Fantasy collections. Each of the Squinkies has a different name and your kids can create an exhaustive collection that is a world in itself. There are a lot of accessories as well that form a part of this world, providing a backdrop for imaginative play centered on the miniature dolls. Your child gets involved for hours together in an activity that for once, you as parents, have no qualms about.

There is also a dispenser play-set available, which has been designed with thorough attention to detail. The dispenser is quite big – it can hold several encased miniature dolls at a time. To add to the magic, toy coins are also provided to be inserted into a slot. Kids can move the dial and wait to receive the Squinkie that pops out of the dispenser unit.

Squinkies Review

Squinkies Pencil Toppers

Your kids will also love using Squinkies as pencil toppers – you’ll find that it’s easier to get kids ready for school if they know the Squinkies are going to be there, sitting like a dear friend at the end of their pencils. Younger kids especially just love carrying their Squinkies toys around wherever they go. Outings that appear dreary and dull suddenly brighten up if these miniature dolls are around. Squinkies are a wonderful toy collection for kids to share and trade with their friends.

The Squinkies come as single blister packs of 16 miniature dolls. The other accessories and dispenser playsets are available separately. These toys come at different prices, so it is easy to find one that fits into your budget. You can let your kid choose from the wide range of dolls available at toy stores across the country.

Squinkies toys are the rage for the Christmas season of 2010 – many stores are already running out of stock. Most stores accept bookings for these miniature dolls – but see that you get there real quick. The rush is so great that they won’t wait forever. Squinkies are also available on sites like Amazon, where of course, the price is higher than at stores. But, as most parents would agree, it’s worth anything to see that smile of joy when your kids open the surprise gift to find a set of lovable little Squinkies that they can call their own and treasure for years to come.

Squinkies Miniature Dolls

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