Lite Sprites Review

What little girl isn’t a little obsessed with colors at some point during her childhood – or maybe for pretty much all of it? Kids love to play with color, and Lite Sprites gives little girls, particularly a great new way to do that.

Lite Sprites

These rather complicated toys might have parents spending plenty of time with instruction manuals, but they’ll also keep kids entertained in innocent, girlish play for hours on end. These toys are sure to be a hit with your little girl, especially if she still dreams of being a fairytale princess. Here’s what you should know:

What Are Lite Sprites?

One of the interesting things about Lite Sprites is that they come with a back story of their own. Each Lite Sprite has unique colors that she loves best, and the dolls come pre-programmed with these colors so that they’ll remember them. The lead sprite, Prisma, comes with a special color wand that allows her to take colors from almost anything and share them with her sister sprites, and the naughty sprite, Bleak, can actually disrupt color spells from other sprites.

If your little girl likes playing with imaginative toys that match up with her favorite shows, she’ll probably want to watch some of the Lite Sprites shows on the internet, since there’s an animated mini-series to go with the toys.

Lite Sprites Dolls

Best Parts About Lite Sprites Dolls

The coolest thing about these toys is that they can share colors. While each sprite prefers her own color set (for instance, Brook prefers blue and Meadow prefers green), they can all pass colors around to one another and to their habitats. If you’re considering picking up this toy for your little girl, it’s best to get Prisma, with her color wand, first, as the color wand brings some of the neatest features to the toys. For instance, you can use the color wand to “pick up” a color from literally any flat surface, and then you can project that color onto the other sprites or their light up environments.

You can also play color games with the sprites dolls, including a game that lets girls know about the color wheel and a game that teaches them color memory. These games are great for pre-school kids and younger elementary girls who are just starting to learn about all the intricacies of color.

One final thing that’s neat about Lite Sprites dolls is that they can come with all sorts of different fun accessories little girls will love. Their environment can come with the Lite Tree, a swing set, or other habitats (each doll has her own), which can be connected. Since this is sure to be a popular kid’s toy, there will probably continue to be additions to the things that come with it, so your little girl can continue to collect new pieces for her Lite Sprite environment.

Things to Consider

One of the main things to consider with Lite Sprites is that they can be a little complicated. This is fun because it means your daughter will need to spend some time figuring out everything she can do with her color wand and toys. However, it can also be a problem simply because you’ll have to spend lots of time with the manual to figure out how to work these rather complex toys.

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