Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll

Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll

The Barbie blooming Thumbelina doll is one of the creations of Mattel Barbie Doll. Barbie dolls have always been one of the top toys for young girls in the toy industry. Mattel even made movies with Barbie as the main character making Barbie very popular. Barbie movies are now watched by almost every little girl in the world and their parents love them too because these movies come with lessons and values that teach children about life in general. One example of a heart warming Barbie doll movie is the one where Barbie played a cute and tiny Twillerbee.
Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll Review

The Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll – based on the Barbie Doll Movie

The Barbie Blooming Thumbelina doll was based on the Barbie doll movie where the main character was a Twillerbee. Her name was Thumbelina. Twillerbees are tiny, fairy-like creatures who live and fly around in the forest. Nature is very important to them and they have a certain connection with it. Thumbelina, the main character in this movie accidentally ends up in the city and meets some friends. Her friends eventually help her save her Twillerbee village from destruction. This Barbie doll movie enables kids to understand the importance of protecting and caring for the environment. Kids are very fortunate that Mattel has created toys that go along with some Barbie doll movies. Kids will enjoy watching the movie while they play with its main character. Such toy is the Barbie Blooming Thumbelina doll. This doll will surely capture the hearts of young girls. This toy is a beautiful flower and with just pressing a button it opens to reveal Thumbelina. When the flower opens you will find Thumbelina sitting on it fluttering her beautiful purple wings. With just a little press on the button and she’s ready to fly around pretty flowers.

The Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll has Beautiful Features

The Barbie Blooming Thumbelina doll looks really delightful. The petals and her wings have cute shimmery accents on them. The Barbie Blooming Thumbelina doll also has a really pretty, shiny, glittery dress with matching shoes and floral hair designs. Thumbelina can also be detached from the flower enabling little kids to play with her. Young girls will definitely enjoy playing with this toy. The Barbie Blooming Thumbelina doll is perfect for kids with ages 3 and up. This Barbie doll is also available in African American. The African American version has black hair and also comes with great accessories –a perfect addition to your Barbie doll collection.
Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll Barbie Doll

With its adorable design, the Barbie blooming Thumbelina doll is one toy every young girl will love to have. She’ll probably become their favorite Barbie doll to play with and to show off to their playmates.

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