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Dolls are one of the most popular toys ever introduced to little girls. They've been played with by children since ancient times when toy companies did not exist yet. Back then they were all handmade - all of them. Now-a-days, dolls can easily be owned since there are different kinds of dolls to choose from in the toy market. They have different features and forms. Some are made of plastic, some from cloth and some from rubber.

Unlike before, the best dolls come in a stunning array of different shapes and sizes.

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Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are toys that many adults also loved playing with when they were children. Most moms also know that their little girls will surely have fun playing with these pretty toys. Baby dolls come in cute, cuddly, pretty forms and are usually very affordable compared to other toys. They don't require much, such as batteries or the need to be charged for hours. They just sit and stay cute for children. With these toys little girls are able to expand their imagination. They play pretend games along with other kids. They pretend to feed their dolls, set them up for parties, dress then up and mother them all day. With these dolls girls are able to develop their nurturing instincts.

Interactive Dolls

There are different kinds of dolls today in the market such as interactive dolls. They are very realistic. They can cry, talk, move and some even respond to voices. Some interactive dolls also have human like functions such as drinking from a bottle and wetting their diapers. Little girls usually enjoy these. It gives them a motherly feeling every time they take care of the needs of their baby doll. Interactive dolls are probably one of the best dolls for kids who love to play with interactive toys.

Fashion Dolls

There are also fashion dolls. These dolls are fun to play with because they have different outfits, jewelries and accessories that kids can use for pretend play. One popular doll under this category is the Barbie doll. Every little girl knows Barbie, the pretty blonde doll created by Mattel. These dolls are even considered as one of the best dolls in the world. There are dozens of Barbie accessories, clothes, shoes, jewelries and apparels to choose from. There are Barbie dolls that are based on movies and holiday themes too. These are very good for collections and sometimes they are only available for a limited time. Barbie dolls are appropriate for older girls because they are quite small and little girls may find it hard to dress then up. Big girls will definitely enjoy dressing them up and preparing them for parties. Fashion dolls are highly appreciated by girls with ages seven to ten years of age. Fashion dolls sometimes come with other toys and products such as dollhouses, cars, pools and many more.

Madame Alexander Dolls

There are many dolls that parents can choose from in the market. If their kids want a doll that looks like porcelain dolls, then Madame Alexander Dolls would be perfect for them. They look really pretty with their painted faces and sophisticated old style dress. There are also different types under this brand that girls can choose from. Girls can also change their clothes, shoes and other accessories. This is considered as one of the best dolls when it comes to classic style and Victorian dresses. These dolls also come in different themes, such as The Wizard of Oz theme, Cinderella, Halloween, Christmas and many more.

Baby Alive Dolls

Another good interactive baby doll brand is the Baby Alive Dolls. These dolls have features that resemble babies. They have abilities that little girls will surely love. They can cry, laugh, blink, eat and drink from their bottle, pee and even poop. They also come in different versions such as African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian and they have lots of accessories that can be purchased for added fun. Little girls just love caring for these dolls.

Polly Pocket Dolls

If you want handy dolls that you can bring anywhere, Polly Pocket are the best dolls for you. Polly pocket dolls existed since the 1990's. They are called Polly Pockets because they are able to fit inside pockets. Its being portable has made it very popular among kids and parents.

Bratz Dolls

Another popular dress up type of doll are "Bratz Dolls". They are first released in the year 2001. These dolls became one of Barbie's competitors. They are very trendy and fashionable dolls. They have unique looks different from Barbie. They have big eyes, huge heads and small bodies. They also have four original characters with different accessories and clothing available for them. They are Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade. Other accessories can also be purchased separately such as cars, play sets, pets and dollhouses. These dolls can also be seen on TV in their animated series.

Dora the Explorer Dolls

Dora the explorer is a famous cartoon character in an educational children's show. The show was especially made for preschool children. It makes use of basic Spanish words that serves as an introduction to Latin culture. Now there are already many toys and different merchandise with the Dora the Explorer theme and Dora dolls are already becoming one of its popular products. There are many kinds of Dora the explorer dolls. These dolls also have play sets and other accessories. There are small Dora dolls and big Dora dolls too. Mermaid Dora dolls and baby twin sets are also available. There are Dora dolls in different clothes, like the Dora doll in a cute Quinceanera dress, the cowgirl Dora and fairy tale Dora. The Buenas Noches Dora is a favorite among children because it is very soft, cuddly and best for bedtime.

American Girl Dolls

American girl dolls are dolls with designs from the different periods of American history. The doll is an educational toy that awakens historical appreciation of children through the clothes, stories and the designs of the dolls. These dolls have stories behind them making playtime more interesting. They are a bit bigger than regular dolls though. This brand has a doll called "Just Like You doll". These dolls are designed to look exactly like the little girls who will own them. There are lots of things to choose from that can make the doll look like how you want them to look. There are different eye colors, hair colors and skin tones to choose from. These dolls are also considered as dress up dolls. They have variety of accessories, clothes and shoes that comes along with them. For younger girls they also have dolls that are designed to suit their age, these are the Bitty Baby dolls.

There are so many kinds of dolls in the market that you can choose from. With their different styles, designs and forms you'll surely find the right one for your little girl. Another nice way to find the best doll for your kid is to bring your child along during shopping. This way she can choose the doll that she really likes.

How to Pick the Best Doll for Your Child

For parents to find the best dolls for their kids it is important to ask them what they want first. Do they want something to hug are something to dress up? Barbie dolls are not Madam Alexander dolls. You can also ask them if they want a specific doll that they had seen on magazines or TV commercials. It is also important to consider the appropriateness of the dolls to her age.

For younger girls it is good to choose a doll that will help her develop her motor skills. It is also good to give them dolls that do not contain accessories that might be a choking hazard. It is also best to choose dolls for them that are durable enough and will not easily break into pieces.

For older girls, they might enjoy dolls that have lots of accessories to play with. Buying dolls that are inappropriate the child's age may only bring boredom and frustration. Parents can also take their girls along with them during shopping where she choose the dolls she want. She will surely enjoy bonding with her parents while being able to choose what she really wants. It is also important to consider you child's personality when looking for the best dolls for them.

If your child likes dressing up and preparing for parties, she might just enjoy dress up dolls. If your daughter has a caring and motherly personality, she might just love having a baby doll. Another thing that should be considered when choosing a doll is whether you will choose a soft or hard doll like a barbie. Soft dolls are good for children who are still young while hard dolls better suite older girls.