Vtech MobiGo 2

Vtech MobiGo 2

Manufacturer: Vtech
Reviews: 4.5 Star Rating
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With the MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System, kids ages 3 to 8 years old can enjoy having their own educational handheld toy that engages them while they learn.

MobiGo 2 has the same great touch screen play as the original MobiGo, and now offers a motion sensor and microphone, adding two new features for kids to explore.

Now kids have four ways to play with their MobiGo2: the touch screen, the keyboard, the motion sensor, and the microphone. There are many built-in and downloadable apps that include e-books, coloring books, an art studio, a photo album and more. Only from VTech.

vtech mobigo 2 pink and orange

Vtech designed the MobiGo 2 for ages 3 – 8 years old

Four different modes of playing:

  • Motion
  • Touchscreen
  • Microphone
  • Slide-out keyboard

Qwerty keyboard helps kids familiarize with a keyboard

MobiGo 2 can also function as an e-reader, photo album, photo viewer and art studio and coloring book Large library of downloadable games and e-books are available online at the Learning Lodge Comes with three great games that take advantage of all the MobiGo’s cool features.

MobiGo 2 Dimensions

1.6 x 7.5 x 3.6 inches – 1.3 pounds

Your child can access fun and learning on the go with the MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System. Kids ages three to eight will love the collection of games and apps that teach basic learning skills, including math, vocabulary, problem solving, and creativity. Activities on the MobiGo 2 employ a variety of control methods, including button controls, tilting, and sound. The toy comes equipped with several ready-to-run apps, and you can purchase more from an extensive library available in cartridge form or online.

Play Games with a Stylus, a Fingertip, or Buttons

With so many ways to play, the MobiGo 2 provided our testers hours of fun and learning without getting stale. Kids can control the colorful touch screen with buttons on the front of the MobiGo 2 or with the included stylus or a fingertip, just like a tablet device.

Vtech Mobigo 2 Games

The MobiGo 2 also includes a built-in motion sensor for games your child controls by tilting the toy from side to side, helping build reaction skills and hand-eye coordination. A quick slide reveals a full QWERTY keyboard. There’s even a sensor on the front of the device that detects sound for the many games and apps that incorporate speech or breath controls.

Apps and Games Offer Developmental Benefits

The MobiGo 2 offers a slew of developmental benefits for your child. The e-reader function and some educational games help children learn letter names, phonics, and reading skills. Some apps that embrace science themes, math activities, and problem solving, while others promote visualization and memory, creativity, and motor skills. The MobiGo 2 offers a variety of activities, so your child can receive a well-rounded learning experience.

Controls and Accessories

Your child can turn on the MobiGo 2 with a simple switch and initiate activities with easy-to-follow prompts. The toy includes brightness and volume control buttons as well as a headphone jack, so children can play quietly without disturbing those around them.

More Than 100 Entertaining and Educational Apps Available

The games and apps available for the MobiGo 2 are as fun as they are educational. The toy comes preloaded with four apps: a hamster-ball racing game that employs the motion control, an archery-themed game that teaches QWERTY keyboard skills, an artistic coloring app that makes use of the touch screen, and a photo app. More apps, games, and e-books are available for purchase on cartridges or by downloading when the MobiGo 2 is connected to the online Learning Lodge Navigator via the included USB cable. Many of the games feature favorite children’s characters, such as Dora the Explorer, Elmo, and Mickey Mouse.

The MobiGo 2 comes with a touch stylus and a USB cable for connecting to your computer to access VTech’s online Learning Lodge Navigator and purchase additional apps and games.

Operating the MobiGo 2

Our testers found the MobiGo 2 easy and intuitive to operate. All games provided simple instructions. Like with many children’s toys, this one produces quite a bit of sound during play, but the volume control and headphone jack ensure that children can play their favorite games quietly.

Vtech Mobigo2 Touch
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