Pokemon Diamond Version

If you and your child loved the Pokemon animated series, you will both surely love the Pokemon Diamond Version; a console video game that you can play on your favorite video game console. The game places players in Sinnoh – a chance for Pokemon fans to actually live their Pokemon fantasies. Once you have started playing the Pokemon Diamond Version, you will find out that you have to stop a rather sinister team whose aim is to control the whole universe.
Pokemon Diamond Version

Much like with any other game, this version starts with a level where you are trained to fight and use your Pokemon powers. This popular Console Video Game is now one of the most played games by youngsters around the globe making the Pokemon Diamond Version a much-coveted item for gamers.
Pokemon Diamond Version Review

Pokemon Diamond Version: The Ultimate Console Video Game For Pokemon Fans

The Pokemon Diamond Version console video game includes Munchlax, Mine Jr., Weavile and Lucario. Because of the presence of these uber popular Pokemon, this game is dubbed as one of the best games released for the Pokemon saga. This game has everything a young gamer would want and this includes going through quests, fighting bad elements and of course using their powers for the good of the universe. The game also provides entertainment for kids who are fans of Pokemon. A truly enjoyable console video game, the Pokemon Diamond Version is truly the best game you can give to your pokemon-loving child. What many gamers ask however is what do the players do in the game? Your main mission is to stop Team Galaxy from getting the mythical figures for their own gain. You will start as a trainer with one of the Pokemon under you. Once you have trained this particular Pokemon you will be able to level up and catch a few more Pokemon to add to your team. The plot is based on the animated series and the game is more like the other Pokemon games.
Pokemon Diamond Version Console Video Game
The Pokemon Diamond Version is one of the best Pokemon games ever produced and finally through its release, the world of Pokemon can now be enjoyed by Pokemon fans again. Kids love this game! Those who have tried this game already assure gamers that even though this is a video game, the console video game still relives the Pokemon spirit.