Lego Lava Dragon Game

With busy schedules these days, it seems many family members hardly see each other, eye-to-eye, nowadays. Mom arrives home late while Dad arrives home tired. Kids also have their own interests. With the hectic lives so common today, meaningful and quality family time can be pretty difficult to come by. Lego’s solution to this is their Lego board games.

Lego Lava Dragon Game

The Lego Lava Dragon Game is one of the popular new board games by Lego. This is a game, for 2 to 4 people, that is certain to help build back the confidence and trust between friends and siblings. Lego has been quietly building a new reputation for producing some of the most innovative and best board games of recent times, and the Lego Lava Dragon Game is one fine example of their creativity, imagination and innovations.

How the Lego Lava Dragon Game Works

The Lego Lava Dragon Game is a game that lasts from 15 to 25 minutes, so it doesn’t require large blocks of time. This board game includes one buildable LEGO Dice, one rule booklet, one building instruction booklet and four LEGO microfigures. The players have to be very creative and imaginative to win the game. The bravest knight is the first knight who will face the horrors of the dragon at the top of the volcano. Victory of course is not that easy. The brave knight has to avoid and get through obstacles such as lava and the opponents. With its changeable rules, no two games are the same.

Benefits of Playing the Lego Lava Dragon Game

Make the difference now. Start playing the Lego Lava Dragon Game gathering your family into one room and build memories with one of Lego’s the best board games. A very remarkable feature of this game is its buildable LEGO Dice. Unlike all the other dices with the numbers on it, the build-able LEGO Dice requires rebuilding each time players have to start a new game. It’s like rebuilding relationships and setting up the connections. Hence, if used in a proper prospective, this game can become more than just a board game. It can be a venue to spend the best times with kids while they are young, while they are still at home and while they have not yet lived their own lives. Lego’s board games provide just that opportunity, and the Lego Lava Dragon Game is one of the best board games to get started with. Reconnect with your family today!

Lego Lava Dragon Game Review

Not only that, faced with the challenge of winning, players may be pushed to the limits of their analysis and strategies thereby promoting the development of critical thinking and competition among kids. This is one of the unique effects of the Lego Lava Dragon Game. Each game is a new game. There’s always an excitement and something new to look forward to. This indeed can be considered one of the best board games of 2010 as it is a sure way of fun for family members and friends alike.

Lego Lava Dragon Game Best Board Games

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