Rhino Toys Oball

Rhino Toys Oball

As long as it is round, as long as it is colorful, and as long as it bounces, a ball will always be… “a ball” to children and even to adults of all ages. For what ever reason, we are drawn to these round things. But, Rhino Toys Oball is more than just a ball, and more than an ordinary baby toy. It is a universal ball for all ages and for all uses.

Rhino Toys Oball s Bounce Back

That is what’s so exciting about Rhino Toys Oball. It has the unique spherical shape but with lots of holes in it. These balls come in lots of different bright colors. They are flexible enough to easily be smashed flat but immediately bounce right back to their original, spherical shape. The holes in them keep fingers safe even when thrown hard or even kicked. They are made of very light materials which make them light, bouncy, and just plain fun.

Rhino Toys Oball Review

Rhino Toys Oball’s Uses

Rhino Toys Oball, unlike some baby toys, is safe for clutching and throwing. Since they are latex and PVC free, there is no need to worry about harmful materials. They are also toys for the big boys since these toys are ideal for games like soccer or volleyball both indoors and outdoors. Even toddlers can kick, catch and carry them around. With nothing to do, even grandpa can fidget with them as he sits on his favorite nook in the living area.

Because Rhino Toys Oball is for all ages, this ball is a perfect partner for family outdoor fun and for gatherings with friends. With its unique features, this ball helps develop motor skills for babies and toddlers, kids and adults. One of the best baby toys in this price range, Oballs promote healthy development, eye coordination, muscle movements and senses for infants and babies.

Size and Variations

Originally, Rhino Toys Oball was a 4.5 inch ball. But now, the line of Oball Toys has assumed innovations on shapes and sizes. Expansions on these popular baby toys now include rattles, Oball Footballs, Manhattan Toy Wrinkle, Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls, 3n1 Rhino Toys, Teether Ball,IQ Knock Knock Balls and many more. Not only is the Oball an innovative children’s toy, its price has also been made very affordable. For less than $10 bucks, you really can’t go wrong. Hence, at a very minimal cost, family members can exercise together and be in top shape in no time. Family time on the other hand can be made cheerful and memorable!

Rhino Toys Oball Baby Toys

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