Best Baby Toys

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The first few years of a child's life, centered on playing with baby toys, are critical from a developmental point of view. As babies grow, they need toys that stimulate all their senses. This contributes vastly to the learning and development of particular skills appropriate to that age. Each of the baby toys stimulates one of the senses. There is no single toy that can impart all the skills to your child because variety of experience is in fact, desirable. The best baby toys are those designed to make sure the neurological connections in that tiny little brain are formed just right. Right from infancy to toddlerhood, here's a stage wise list of the baby toys that work wonders with your child.

Best baby Toys for Infants

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym Baby Toy

One of many baby toys from Fisher-Price, this little gym has a distinct combination of features that makes it one of the best baby toys to simultaneously stimulate multiple senses. As the baby lies on a soft quilt, arches are visible, where various colorful accessories can be attached. The bright colored objects in such baby toys encourage the child to reach for them, laying the foundation for the development of motor skills. This combined with the music and nature sounds makes for one of the best baby toys that include music as a developmental tool. Your baby learns that continuous movements keep the lights and music on - the beginnings of understanding cause and effect. There's also a rainforest theme that can be used to calm and relax the baby. That makes this one of those rare baby toys that can make your kid's bedtime peaceful.

Sassy LeapFrog Baby Curious Crab Rattle

Rattles are baby toys that encourage your little one to grasp objects. The bright colored design, variety of shapes and prominent markings on the Sassy LeapFrog Baby Curious Crab Rattle make it one of the best baby toys for stimulating touch. As your baby tries and succeeds in holding on, the soft sound emitted by the shaking of the rattle is yet another lesson in cause and effect theory. The crab feet are made of colored fabric and carry the names of the colors - this is one of the baby toys you can use early on to teach your kid the names of colors.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table Baby Toy

As babies grow older and begin attempting to stand and walk, the baby toys they play with have to increase in complexity. This provides a stimulus for further development of motor and comprehension skills. The Learn & Groove Musical Table from LeapFrog has a blend of music with fun activities to learn about movements. This is one of the best baby toys that kids can play with either sitting or standing. This is one of the baby toys that will grow with your child - green and blue colored legs can be attached to raise the level of the toy. Music is used to introduce kids to shapes, colors, the alphabet and nursery rhymes. There's a drum to tap, keys to be pressed and sliding movements required to produce sound - which leads to the development of memory. The option of changing language by simply flicking a switch helps your toddler pick up language skills. A sense of rhythm also gets ingrained into toddlers as they dance and sing along with this toy. Packed with features as numerous as this, this is one of the baby toys that will teach quite a few skills to children.

Parents Magazine Battat Busy Zoo Baby Toys

Activity cubes are baby toys targeted at children who are 12 months or older. The Parents Magazine Battat Busy Zoo has activities that involve moving one of the best baby toys - cute little animals. There are tracks to move these animals and blocks can be maneuvered to create pictures of different animals. The animals are linked by gears and spin when the gear is turned. Parents need baby toys that will engage toddlers for hours on end; this zoo is one such toy that teaches even as it entertains. This product comes with long term usability, making it one of the best baby toys for growing kids. The alphabet blocks carrying pictures of words beginning with that particular alphabet will be an effective way to teach your kids the concepts of upper and lower cases and words as they grow older. All the movements involved in playing with baby toys like these will ensure kids develop sufficient dexterity to master writing skills in the future.